Sunny Queen Malaysia , Sunway Pyramid

The newly opened Italian restaurant "Sunny Queen" that Trending lately at Taiwan has landed in Sunway Pyramid , A great place to hangout with an awesome environment brings a Wonderland Theme restaurant . Sunny Queen is an italian retaurants from Taiwan and now is the first outlet opened in Malaysia at last Month December 2017 .
The unique interior design with a 6m iconic birdcage , fascinating wall graphics , feeling yourself in a fantasy world and definitely a place for photo whore that really needed in Instagram or facebook . full of magical atmosphere Painted tables and chairs that gave a lot of imagination , the decoration brings fairy tale alive .
The entrance was specially designed with a huge birdcage , Inside the Birdcage stack with box filled full of fruits and veges . The animal chair was so cute . Dishes are mainly based on Italian cuisine , pasta , pizza , Risotto rice and classic main course for addition .
 Squid Ink Cuttlefish Spaghetti , You might be familiar with calamari, deep fried rings of squid served with a side sauce or a lemon wedge but squid ink is likely less familiar , even though it comes from the same source .
Clams Pesto Spaghetti , peppery and herbal version of spaghetti with clam , It is impressive both in taste and in presentation .
Mentaiko Shrimp Spaghetti , An easy and delicious pasta (Japanese fusion), Mentaiko Shrimp pasta is made with preserved spicy pollock/cod roe , cream and spaghetti noodles .
 Beef With Tomato Risotto , The traditional rice dish needs a long cooking time and constant stirring to get its signature creamy texture .
Dancing Queen Chicken , a foolproof way to make delicious smoky chicken with crispy skin , The inside is tender and juicy, no matter what colour the meat .
Porcini Mushroom Risotto , This classic risotto presses all the right buttons, with intense porcini mushrooms and Risotto .
Squid Ink Mixed Seafood Risotto , Serving a dish of glossy black risotto always has a wow factor plus the sweet seafood aroma is intoxicating . The flavour is rich without being too "fishy" .
Spicy Beef Aglio Olio Spaghetti , This smoky , spicy and beef spaghetti aglio olio recipe is perfect for the beef lover . spaghetti aglio e olio recipes are alike , but this one is pretty true to the classic method .
Hawaiian Pizza , a pizza topped with tomato sauce , cheese , pineapple , and ham .
Walnut Chocolate Banana Pizza , This dessert pizza one uses banana, marshmallow, chocolate sauce and caramelised walnuts .  is a decadent sweet treat that everyone loved .
Sunny Fruit Tea , I don't really know what is this masive ministructure , stand still like a science laboratory experiments test ...Hahahaha . 
Watermelon and Melon Fresh Juice , Ice blended juice inside .

Sunny Queen Malaysia
Address : OB3.LG1.7&8 (Blue Atrium) , 
LG1 , Sunway Pyramid .
Hours : Daily 10AM - 10PM
Contact : +603-5612 8927


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