Assam House Restaurant , Medan Gopeng - Ipoh

As a Ipohrian , I seriously haven't heard about this famous paranakan Cuisine that exists at Medan gopeng until last week I had this opportunity to try out their awesome dishes in front of me . well known restaurant serve Lunh and Dinner .
The shop exactly located at Along jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah , will easily spotted the big Signboard in Medan Gopeng Shop lots . No worries using GPS and definitely will bring exact what you looking for  .
Assam House is certified halal restaurant that serve fusion Baba nyoya cuisine which owned by Chinese but attracted lots of Malay customers as well . Even TV3 program , Jalan Jalan Cari Makan and many more has interviewed the restaurant before this . Let me speak some History about Assam House , The restaurant was started by the late Madam Lee back in 1991 . This restaurant plays around with the Nyonya cuisine that does a great taste buds . Famous for its original recipe, ASSAM HOUSE has attracted many to its simple style of preparing dishes, regardless of local and international residents .
Gado Gado , at first I though It was too early for " Lou Sang " but This Dish name as Gado Gado . known as mixture of vegetables , all mixed in peanut sauce dressing .
 Nyoya Curry Grouper Fish Head , contains a rich rempah that gave the dish that distinctive tanginess . this fish head curry tastes was incredibly , it’s harmoniously sourish, salty, spicy, and savoury . curry sauce with tender fish chunks and vegetables .
 Guang Zhou Gravy Prawn , This creamy dish combines fresh prawns with , Sweet , Sour and Spicy .
Otak - Otak ,  Fresh fish cake mixed with tapioca starch and spices . Otak-otak is normally being wrapped inside the attap leaves and clipped using stapler or toothpick at both ends before being grilled or roasted on the stove . But in Assam House they serve it different way .
Sambal Petai Sotong , which is the many mouthwatering and appetizing Malay and Nyonya dishes .
 Chicken Fillet Malacca Style , fillet Chicken breast coated with Egg .
Dried Shrimp Fry Nai Bai , The dried shrimp and garlic are deep fried before being stir tossed with Nai Ba . gloriously crunchy .
Gui Fei Bean Curd , Stir Gravy med-firm Bean Curd . This comforting childhood favourite of mine is extremely delicious .
Address : No. 2 , Medan Gopeng 2 , Jalan Gopeng , 
31350 Ipoh , Perak , Malaysia .
Contact : 605-313 2223
Hours : Daily 11.30AM – 3.00PM / 6.00PM – 10.0PM

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