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V1 Concept Bar & Restaurant @ Puchong

One thing about me is that I love sharing good foods and places with my friends. Maybe because I love sharing my joy with frens

"The concept of V1 is apparently all about sports cars. They claimed to be the first sports car theme restaurant with unique dining atmosphere. 

About V1 Concept Bar & Restaurant : 
There isn’t anything about cars you can’t think of that is used as decors and their theme. There are those racing car seats, car honk to get the attention of their crews, there is even an actual Ferrari car model in and outside the shop. There are traffic lights as decors and some medals and trophies from car races. The toilet is pretty cool itself, with wheels to replace the tap and stuff.and that is what you call a themed restaurant. The food was not too bad themselves as they were delicious. However, slightly pricy for the sort of food you get.V1 Concept also provides week long live entertainment. Therefore, customers not only can enjoy the taste of the food but also the …

Gangnam 88 @ Solaris,Mont Kiara

Me And the Gang decided to head a place called Gangnam 88 Korean Bistro which is located in Solaris Mont Kiara for dinner.found it easily as they were located along the main road right above Coffee Bean which is a corner unit.

Around this time of the year, I often have a craving of freshly made kimchi. After the winter season of having many dishes made with deeply fermented kimchi, I feel like it is about the time to embrace the spring cabbage and make a batch of fresh kimchi.

Since this restaurant is located on the first floor, you would have to use the side entrance just beside Coffee Bean and take the lift to the first floor.
the restaurant had a very cool layout.K-Pop music being played on the TV and played K-Pop all the Time. The owner,the moment you take your seat, cold water is served first and only then they come up with the menu ......

The Menu was very Complicated but it is divided into three different time,different dishes are served. Lunch is strictly from 11:30A.M to 5:00P.M …