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From A Household Setting To A Restaurant The Secret of Hung Chun’s Sauces

Chinese New Year is approaching, reunion and the reunion dinner are much anticipated. As one of the popular local brands, Hung Chun, worked with Pullman KLCC executive chef, Fong Teik Fei, to discover the secret behind Hung Chun’s sauces. To bring Hung Chun products to the eyes of the public, today Hung Chun has teamed up with Pullman KLCC’s RED Restaurant chief chef Fong Teik Fei, using Hung Chun’s products to prepare Chinese New Year delicacies. “My mum is a big fan of Popo Soy Sauce, so I am very familiar with the brand. The brand’s products are not only good for household cooking, but also suitable for use in restaurants.”  Fong highly recommended Popo Black Vinegar, “The taste has multiple layers and yet it is not so aggressive, consumers can even drink it without diluting it. ” “If you want to add colour to the dish but don’t want it to become too dark, then you can use Popo Soy Sauce to enhance the taste and colour. Popo Oyster Sauce is very rich, just need to use a few drops to

My Favourite Pizza In Town, Domino's Pizza.

  Sometimes, when you’re so far from home, where good pizza can be found just about everywhere, it can be hard satisfy that pizza craving. Staying true to Domino's brand promise of It's All About You, Known the world over for its hot and tasty pizzas, Domino’s is taking a step further in expanding menu options for its customers. Enjoy value for money offers with a wide range of selection from Domino’s Pizza. Enjoy Free Pizza Deliveries by Domino's Pizza Experts. Guess what my Pizza arrived within  30 minutes only, that is really fast. Good job to the abang domino's delivery experts and the Pizza are still piping hot, like just came out fresh from the oven. While I don't normally associate the word "Pizza" with Domino's Pizza immediately, I have to admit that the quality of their pizza ingredients is on par, or even better, than several of their competitors. Pricing is almost similar as well, I like that Domino's Pizza has no delivery fee. Domino