Fullhouse Signature Lifestyle Store and Cafe , Sunway Pyramid

This restaurant is rather big which makes it a good place for big gatherings like birthday parties and wedding celebrations . Fullhouse Signature brings new dimensions to wedding and dining experience , It caters to Family Gathers , High Tea Sessions , Relaxing Meet-ups and Chill out . This is a place for a great photo capture moment with the "Wow" gorgeous interior in Fullhouse , you need walk in to witness it . Photo Freak would love every corner with the feel of Princess and price , Lol !!
The Victorian dreamy vibes , little pigeons and cute comic characters who are named Thomas (dad) , Tracy (mum) , Tony (son) and Tiffani (daughter) . They are located at Sunway Pyramid LG Floor with similar concept than before and it is now called Fullhouse Signature but with much more grand Atmosphere .
The last visiting Fullhouse was at Sunway Giza , Kota Damansara same as there was a vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper Classic park at the entrance and two floor of dining area . unfortunately their close down all the outlet and focus on their Quality at Sunway Pyramid outlet here , the theme layout and the concept of Fullhouse Signature is comparatively different from their former Fullhouse concept  Theme Restaurant .
At the open concept area , there is a small stage with a projector and sound system features two of Fullhouse’s family , Tracy (the mum) in a wedding gown and Thomas (dad) in Tuxedo . the place can fit roughly about 100 - 120 pax in one time for a birthday celebration , launching events , cooperate Dinner or wedding lunch/Dinner .
There are few seating options at the whole compound area With The comfy sofa seats , a menu full of Chinese / Western dishes . like many places in Asia , the restaurant offers western food suited to the Asian palate . The ideal occasion to visit Fullhouse while their launched a revamped menu with many new favourites dishes
The Oriental Set Complimentary Vegetable of the day for 2-3 pax
I Could say this was the cheapest Chinese cuisine Oriental set In the whole Sunway Pyramid for RM 5x.xx 2-3 pax , the generous portion might can fit for four . Set consist of selection of 3 chicken , 3 fish and 3 mix , you can choose 1 out of each . Mean you will have 1 dish of complimentary vegetable of the day 3 mix dish either Dried chilli or salted fish chicken , Yin yong fish , Thai Style tofu , Marmite boxing chicken and Thai style chicken . 4 DISHES PLUS 3 BOWL OF RICE .
 Cheese Baked Lobster RM99.90++
Thick Melted Cheese as sauce all over the lobster , renowned for their sweet , tender meat are perfect for a romantic dinner for two or even for weeknight dinner . Served with fries and salads .
Grilled Lobster With Lemon Aioli And Mix Salad RM69.90++
This could be more perfect and fresh grilled lobster with the silky richness of aioli indulgence with lots of flavor to spare .
Sizzling Spring Chicken
The spring chicken was served on a sizzling hot plate with a piece of ham and Veges at the side while poured thick pepper sauce makes smoke covered the hot plate .
Fullhouse Ultimate Burger
Awesome hamburger beef patty , These are juicy tender filled in my mouth with a piece of ham and cheese top . Salads and Fries as side . 
Fullhouse Special Fried Rice
Every restaurant have trier own Special Fried rice even Fullhouse have it too , non spicy stir fry with Mixed Vegetables , Prawn , Boxing Fried Chicken and Fried egg .
Baked Cheese Pasta
This is a delicious variation on pasta cheese . While it may be slightly more difficult than other recipes it tastes even better! , the combination of cheeses gave this dish its rich flavor . This is a great dish that can be doubled or tripled to feed me .
High Tea Set for 2
whiling away the afternoon indulging in scrumptious desserts and perfectly brewed cuppas . Try out the tiered stand of freshly baked pastries , cakes and breads . The scrumptious delights come with a pot of tea or coffee . This is definitely the place to go if you’re on a budget but don’t want to miss out on afternoon scones . Mini macroons , puff pastries , Coated Strawberries , Smoked salmon tart , tuna corn Brucshetta , Deep fried Chicken Boxing , Mini scones and Mini Chocolate Cup .
Fullhouse Egglet
The egglet literally means mini chicken eggs, as what the appearance suggests.  It is made from a batter comprising mainly egg, sugar, flour and evaporated milk . In addition to the traditional egglet brimming with nostalgic flavour and taste has taken a creative and innovative approach to the preparation of the humble egglet . They use fresh and healthier ingredients to prepare interesting variations of the traditional egglet which are more delicious and healthier options and more appealing to the local consumers . Flavour to choose : Original , Chocolicious , Charcoal Cheese , Matcha Red Bean , Seasame Mochi and Cheesy Egglet .

Fullhouse Signature Lifestyle Store and Cafe
Address : Lg 1.96, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact : 03-5621 9960
Hours : 10AM - 10PM


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