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Tea Amo - For Tea Lovers, Subang SS15 | Malaysia

Milk teas are now an essential part of our food culture. These fragrant creamy drinks have become a craze all over the world with no sight of slowing down and More and more shops are popping up around Malaysia recently with animal sign and others. Over the 2018, there are many more brands that have reached Malaysia shore and some of it taste pretty good, and would say even better than those older brand. Today, I been to Subang SS15 walk on the famous milks teas street. I love brown sugar pearls as a bubble tea fan, but you’ll wanna make way for the most delicious topping yet. Subang Jaya is currently known as Bubble Tea Street, and rightly so as it is now home to many powerhouse brands of bubble tea and I saw is the massive Queue. Tea Amo is known for their Royal Milk Tea With Brown Sugar Pearl And Fruity Tea than the rest. The brand prides themselves with making their own syrup and homemade tapioca balls(pearls). And you can choose from many different types of milk like rose m