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For Goodness Cakes , Desa Sri Hartamas

"For Goodness Cake" was not the slogan but it is the signboard and name for the shop . "For Goodness Cake" run by five mums that relation between childhood friends and boot camp friends .

The shop has opened on MAY 2014 that located in Desa Sri Hartamas . Everyone have their own roles character on cooking dishes and cakes variety . This great strong mums started their partnership earlier at 2013 and still looking for good spot to open their shop at that moment till their wishes came true at may 2014 . This mums offered their most famous bread toast , brownies and huge variety of great foods in town .

We have a short chat with Sheila (one of the mum in the house) while she is free from the kitchen , at first we thought of only short chat but turns out we chatted really long because we feel curious to know more about and established of "For Goodness Cake" .

Sheila told us that every customers that came in here feels like a another home to them with warm welcom…

Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant , Penang

Kampar Fish Jelly , what exactly to do with jelly fish ? , Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant is a place that sells Yong Tau Foo (酿豆腐) , here the Yong Tau Foo stuffed with meat paste of fish and pork . This shop is well known from locals .

The Restaurant 金宝特制酿料客家面饮食馆 will be packed and crowded during lunch hours and long queues outside the shop waitting their turns to order and The Restaurant is dining in  air-conditioned . There are huge varieties type of fish balls , dumplings , vegetables and bean curd , as well as braised trotter with vinegar , pork intestines , chicken feet and steam herbal chicken . You need to place the orders at the noodle counter at the main entrance . Yong tau foo, well known in Malaysia and Singapore , Most patrons would come here for Hakka Mee because this dish is not much found in Penang . Hakka Mee that prepared here if from hand made noodles served with some savory minced pork and spring onion . The Hakka Mee was one of the dish that you cannot miss. For the s…

Kim Hin SeaFood Cafe , Penang

A symbol of pride to the Chinese foodies. A cheap and good food label . If you ever have to visit penang , then please do make time and space in your stomach to visit this Kim Hin SeaFood Cafe that located at Sungai Dua . Many customers coming down and ordering lots and lots of food . It is not just food, it is good food, and that’s the reason why this restaurant is always packed full of people .

On the night after our marathon run , our local friend bring us here to have dinner , it was rainning slightly out here while crossing from the place we park our car .

Kim Hin Seafood Cafe 錦興茶室 674-C, Jalan Sungai Dua,  11700 Gelugor, Penang. Tel: 016 - 551 9152  Business Hours: 4:30pm - 10:00pm  Closed on Wednesday