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Penjaja Gallery Jalan Tun H.S. Lee (Madras Lane) - 李霖泰菜市场

In the hustle and bustle of Petaling Street in the city , at one of the corner appear the Food hidden gem , Madras Lane is one of the many interesting eatery lanes in the Petaling Street area . here are many food stalls in one place . This place is more commonly known as Madras Lane Wet Market (中华巷湿巴杀市场) . This is actually beside the wet market few metres away where fresh fish , Chicken and meat are sold and obviously brings different kind of smell in the air while eating , Catering to Kuala Lumpur shoppers since 1914, some of the stalls have been run by the same family for three generations or more. At the rear of the Market is an open parking lot where the Chinese wayang theatres, and later the Madras Cinema, used to be located . The Food and wet market owners mostly are Malaysian Chinese , You will see Lard hanging on one of the stall , Fresh ocean fish lay on the ice , local Fruits with Papaya mango & bananas . If you don't really mind about hygiene then

Pizza Hut's Loaded Pockets , Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur , 24th May 2017 - Pizza Hut Malaysia , the leading Pizza chain in Malaysia today announced the return of the loaded Pockets pizza in conjunction with the upcoming Ramadhan and Hari Raya season . Packed with abundance for all , this pizza is a harmonious creation of flavors and promises satisfaction right to the very last bite ! This Limited edition pizza will be available nationwide between 11th May to 21st July 2017 With the tagline , " Juadah Beraneka Memikat selera di bulan Mulia " , the loaded Pockets pizza features twelve generous and mouth watering pockets of crust , each stuffed with creamy chicken & mushroom filings and sprinkled with cdeddar cheese for added crunch . Topped with refreshing ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds such as capsicums , Pineapple bits , caramelized onions and sweet spiced chicken , this new delightful addition is sure to whet appetites . Eric Leong the General Manager of Pizza Hut

Ayam Penyet Best , Summit USJ

Ayam penyet-smashed fried chicken is Indonesian East Javanese cuisine , fried chicken dish consisting of fried chicken that is smashed with the pestle against mortar to make it softe r, served with sambal , slices of cucumbers , fried tofu and tempeh . In Indonesia penyet dishes , such as fried chicken and ribs are commonly associated with Surabaya, the capital city of East Java . The most popular ayam penyet variant is ayam penyet Suroboyo . There was few dozen of different franchise name stand for Ayam Penyet in klang valley , Which one the best ? I can't decide because myself haven't try out all the ayam penyet franchise around klang valley , and today I been invited to try out this Ayam Penyet Best that located in Summit mall , USJ . There was few type selection of sambal from slightly spicy to very spicy , Commonly Indonesian and Malaysian love spicy on every dishes that they having as same like me . Beside the sambals They also have ingredients to compan

Home Made Fish Head Noodle

Home Made Fish Head Noodle offering a variety of dishes such as rice , Mee hoon , Udon and snack size savoury dishes with Few different soup base for their fish head noodles . At here the fish type they serve is Garoupa and Dory fish . There will be few more option to choose if about to fancy , Either from Fish head to Fried Fish Fillet , Fish paste or even Freshwater Prawn . The eight hour of boiled soup during the night and kept into the simmer until the next morning . What makes them to serve fresh fish everyday was reveal that I get know is , they get the fish supplies daily to make sure the freshness of it . Made in traditional way , The soup included preserved Chinese vegetables , Milk , sliced Ginger , tomato and spring onion . Won't less of Chinese rice wine is added .   The restaurant interior is airconditioned , clean and appealing , with bright lighting and modern appearance . This is essentially a no-frills restaurant . Located at Dataran Sunway , Kot