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Traditional Makcik Kiah Menu for Break fasting, Sri Petaling

Restoran Warung Makcik Kiah is located at Jalan Radin Bagus 9 Sri Petaling serve various delicious dishes for breaking the fasting with traditional Malay cuisine. Restoren McK has been operating for five months at Sri Petaling by YB Dato Paduka Syed Isa Syed Alwi (Managing Director of Premia International Sdn Bhd) YB was inspired by her late mother, Ms. Kiah, who is well known cooks Kuantan dishes for over 40 years. For the fasting month, McK offers set of Ramadan that you want to break fast with a reasonable price. With simple surrounding gave a cozy atmosphere to dine in here, This stack block of bricks Actually special area to experience part for diner to enjoy their foods by sitting on the floor with cross-legged(bersila) . Dishes here have Tempoyak Catfish, spicy sour stingray, three taste grouper, Beef bone soup, Fried spice chicken and delicacies other appetizers. also served in the sets are chicken papric, mix vegetables, tom yam, omelette and malay traditional cakes. Pr

DurianBB Park, Imbi | Kuala Lumpur

Don't tell me That you don't know what is Durian| If you don't know what is Durian, Eddy Rush fatboy will bring you here. The durian is the fruit of several tree species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit, and over 300 named varieties in Thailand, 102 in Indonesia, and 100 in Malaysia. Regarded by many people in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits". Dining with Durian comes to a whole new level, The brand of Durian BB started in Hong Kong in 2015 then spread to mainland China, Macau, Singapore and finally landed in Malaysia. The story of Durian BB Started when A Hong Kong business man Created the brand and import durian from Malaysia and sells to hongkies in Hong kong. Seriously, there was really high demand for Durian at Hong kong and Mainland China. So , the Owner open with the brand across asia and least but not last at the city of Kuala Lumpur. What is so special about the place, Does The durian taste different? Alright, obviously the Duri

Go Thai, SS2

Thai Thai Thai Foods again, Once again Eddy Rush Fatboy went to thai food around SS2 area named "Go Thai". This brand name surely is well known by Thai foods lover in Klang valley, It's start operated to public since more than three years till today with two branch that one Located at SS2 and another One located in Atria Gallery Mall, Damansara Jaya. Today I'm here to taste out Go Thai six new Signature revamped its menu dishes to take customers on a culinary adventure around, While maintaining its reputation for offering comfort food, as it drives to elevate the comfort food proposition on which the brand has been built. The beautiful industrialist yet homey feeling whenever you enter the and it will give you a sense of what is really all about foods, chill and relax. The feeling will make you stay here even longer and it would also make for a good place for a bottle of Chang beer or just enjoy a great meal. The atmosphere is serene and cozy that looks like

(Closed) Curries N' Claws, Citta Mall | Petaling Jaya | Selangor

Before you scroll down a little more, I would like to ask a question on you. ARE you really a sarcastic banana leaf lover?? | If you are, then you are allowed to scroll till the end. Myself also are a crazy banana leaf lover and I'm obviously Chindian that love spice. If you can't find out what is Chindian then you may google about it, Hahahaha..... I always try out banana leaf everywhere they are and find out not every banana leaf that served are awesome even thou they are pure Southern Indian or Malaysian Indian Restaurant. If you ask me which is my favourite, Honestly the only one of the one is Nirwana Maju Bangsar. When I Craving for Banana Leaf surely I will drive all the way from Bandar Utama to there like the mind have set, I know there have much more nice Banana Leaf out there and I will try it out later. Guess what, I found out this Curries N' Claws just near my place at Citta Mall. The restaurant located at G – 10, Ground Floor, easily can be spot aro

Truly Wine, The Starling Mall

Recently The Starling Mall become the newest mall in Damansara destrict that exact located in the heart of Damansara Uptown/Utama, become a favourite mall among PJ people and others that visiting Damansara. Food Paradise happens in shoplots surrounding Damansara Uptown but also happens in The Starling Mall too. Truly Wine start their business from Febuary this year till today, operated about three months today. The Restaurant located at Level G, G-033 & G-033A. Serving Chinese, Western and seafood Cuisine. Main focusing on wide range of Wine selection and Melting cheeseeeeeee. The place is new, cozy and comfortable feel into it. You will always feel welcomed by the environment and also the friendly staffs. It reflects perfectly the American dining feel and represent well the dishes are serving. There’s a difference between being a true wine lover and someone who likes to drink wine every once in a while. Part of the fun of being a true wine-lover is the constant learning ex