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Discover Coffee by Coffee Stain

Everyone would like to be a barista so do I , It looks cool to me to be a barista since I wanted to learn Long time ago , Thank to Coffee Stain and Openrice for the wonderful Barista Training Classes with great Experience I had . Discover Coffee , The Workshop where we Learn the essential barista skills to get me started on my barista skill . The workshop focuses on the key skills required to set on grinder , make espresso, and foam and texture milk for great cappuccinos . The course also touches on some basic information on the daily care of your equipment . If you are looking for a job in the cafĂ© industry this barista training course will give you a fantastic advantage . It is designed with the coffee novice in mind with no previous experience needed for the course . . After a brief introduction you will move straight onto the machines where you will spend the day perfecting your skills under the supervision of a professional. Our Trainer of day , Barista

Tsubohachi , Publika

This Tsubohachi brand has been well known for more than 40 years since its establishment in 1973 in Hokkaido . It is now the most famous traditional Izakaya (Japanese casual bar) chain restaurant in Japan with more than 300 outlets . Tsubohachi’s customers can feel and experience traditional Japanese cuisine and environment where gather for drinks and food as a form of relaxation after a long day of work . All the Interiors was created by Japanese designer Nagahama Hatsuhito , cutleries from Japan and an authentic menu created by Executive Chef from Japan , Tsubohachi’s concept is let's people enjoying its unique cuisine and drinks with different types of drinks served to suit food pairing including Japanese beers to special cocktails designed for ladies . Tsubohachi grand launch on 24 July 2015 , Diners will also get to experience the “Izakaya culture” by enjoying the drinks that are available in the restaurant . the franchise started in Japan