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Different Taste Restaurant(味不同海鲜坊) Famous Claypot Crab Noodles,Bercham,Ipoh

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain ( 味不同海鲜坊) Is one of the most famous seafood restaurant in Bercham, Ipoh,well known for their crabs in claypot. It can be served in either rice or glass vermicelli noddles . The soup was awesomely juicy and the crab meat was fresh.  the glass noodles was cook to perfection. Their most recommended dish was the Crab Tanghoon (东粉蟹) at RM38 for a portion of Two,Even the size of the crabs used seems to be larger than usual. Claypot Rice Crabs For people who are not keen on glass noodles, the other popular dish is Claypot Rice With Crabs. Saito fishball RM9.00   A Gargantuan-sized claw fit for a King. springy texture, with some fillings, these balls are rather filling on their own.  Good thing they did not relent and allowed. The fish balls, which are slightly bigger than usual, are sold at a rather pricey RM1 each.  But that has not kept away fans who love their taste. The History The owners of Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain, f

K10 Claypot Chicken Rice @ Bercham, Ipoh

Rice cooked in claypot on charcoal stove,The secret lies on the timing of cooking; it needs to be a bit burnt to give it the smoky flavour and to create the crunchy rice chunks that stuck with the pot...hehe BIG portion RM10.00                                                The pot of chicken rice here is served with the topping of salted fish and slices of Chinese sausages. Topped up with a dash of rice wine and just enough oil to keep the grains moist, this is surely one of the best clay pot chicken rice around Ipoh. Then the necessary ingredients like marinated chicken, waxed sausages and bits of salted fish... Chicken Feet   Fat, crunchy bean sprouts =RM3.00 need to takes 45 minute for claypot chicken rice...While waiting for ur portion...get Braised Chicken Feet and bean sprouts as a starter meal... THE Braised Chicken Feet and bean sprouts is really PERFECT also!! is a

Pun Chun Restaurant Famous duck noodles in Bidor,Ipoh (美罗驰名品珍鸭腿面)

The shop is just at the main road of  Bidor Town,u can SEE it at ur right hand side if u coming from KL North -south Highway .... Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant has been around for more than 70 years now. They specialise in their herbal duck noodles and their Chicken Biscuits .But according to some of my friends who have eaten there many years ago, the quality has dropped...same as me... Just bcoz of this meal ,i been waitting  for 20 minute for waitress to take order and wait another 30 minute for the noodles.... ;( makes me no mood to eat liao....till the end still need to eat....coz wait damm long d....comment that i can give for the noodles is really normal...just the herb  duck  is speacial....The herbal taste of the duck soup is quite strong. Just bcoz of this meal ,i been waitting  for 20 minute for waitress to take order and wait another 30 minute for the noodles.... ;( makes me no mood to eat liao....till the end still n

Yik Mun Pau - The Famous Tanjung Malim,Ipoh

Irresistibly delicious, the taste of the pao,The steamed pau's now come in four flavours which are chicken curry, beef curry, red bean and coconut jam (kaya). the shop has been certified halal, and now serves mostly Malay dishes.  Today, it has two other outlets in the Kuala Lumpur in Petaling Jaya at Plaza Damas in Sri Hartamas and 1Utama shopping mall. And this is my first time step in this shop ,try the famous pao in tanjong malim.... I tried their HAINAN KACANG and KARI AYAM... HAINAN KACANG pao was abit normal la....but the KARI AYAM pao was nice....heavy aroma of spice....the fillings are dense (because the minced chicken is thoroughly mixed with the curry, plus the absence of potatoes), not oily, adequate and deliciously addictive....After removing the outer thin protective skin, the pau skin is was juicy... purchase the pau in frozen pack (come in 6 pau(s)/pack). It just take about 10 minutes steaming and the pau(s) will be readied and taste as good a