Chinese New Year Premium Cookies By Yong Sheng

We are going to usher in the Year of Dog in a few weeks . For many , this is a time when their families would gather around to enjoy delicious Chinese New Year traditional dishes , And what better way to mark the Chinese New Year festivities with some snacks and cookie . Highlight the spirit by trying them out with your children and family members to create some memorable experiences . This Year Yong Sheng comes with a Tagline called " Great Year , Good Gift , Gift that delivers the warmest Wishes " - " 好年好礼,喜悦分享,幸福满满 " .
Grab THis worthy Package , 4 selected Premium Chinese New Year Cookies for Only RM100 indeed of RM147.30 original Price . Choose 4 from 6 selected Premiuim Chinese New Year Cookies : Almond Cookies , Pineapple Cookies , Strawberry With Almond Cookies , Green BEan Cookies , Cheese ball or Coconut Crispy Roll . Plus Free one limited edition Eco Friendly Bag & Two pack limited Edition Red Packet .
Green Pea Cookies 
Salted Egg Yolk Cookies 
HK Cranberry Coffee Butter Cookies
Purple Sweet Potato Cookies
special range of premium quality products and hampers can also be found in selective shopping malls within Malaysia from northern to southern states . Through the years , its focus on quality and customer satisfaction , The company has earned its reputation and is already well known throughout the industry today . Their success has been built on providing range of premium quality products and hampers for all occasions that are excellent value for money together with excellent service which ensures customers come back year after year .
Yong Sheng Confectionery Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1952 in Muar, Johor. Today , they are the market leader of confectionery manufacturer in Malaysia that specialize in the production of premium quality pastry products (eg. egg yolk pies, wife biscuits, tambun biscuits, pineapple cakes…). And also specialized in Wedding and Full Moon Gift Set, Handmade Pastry, Hamper, Cookies, Little Nyonya Series and Worship Series in Malaysia . At Yong Sheng Confectionery Sdn. Bhd., the products strive on the intrinsic Chinese culture that blend with South East Asia delicious delicacies . using not only finest ingredients to produce but exquisite and natural resources that hail from environment . keep on continuously upgrading expertise in areas such as product development , design and packing to meet the ever-increasing and changing consumer market demand . To ensure all consumers have the best valued products, they have invested substantially in both equipment and manpower. Besides , we also provide many varieties and quality hampers which are offered at favorable prices to our customers across the region . Due to the increasing demand of the gift giving society , which is part of our culture in Malaysia , and also offer to cater the different types of hampers based on customers’ needs , such as special occasions and during festive seasons .

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