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金门餐馆 Home Style Kitchen Assam House , Bandar Puteri

Home Style Kitchen Asam House newly renovated and don't really know the name before this , It was located in Bandar Puteri with big space combine of two shop lots . They serve  Delicious Chinese seafood cuisine and Some of Nyonya Assam Dishes . When walk into the shop , There was few stack of  Big aquarium that fill with fresh live seafood . The shop is easy to spot on big orange signboard across the two shoplot and the wall also been painted with bright orange paint . The wall of the shop was paint with old colonial buildings wall mural makes the shop looks like those old days . The reason why they name it as Assam House because most of dishes was made by Assam nyonya such as Assam fish and asssam prawns . Go around bandar Puteri's food of heaven District and you spot it at one of the corner . The restaurant was brightly lit and atmosphere caters to the simple idea of a traditional Chinanese eatery with mable tables and wood chair . waitters/waitress staff is h