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Rumah Makan Sri Muallim , Tanjong Malim

Enjoy traditional home-cooked meals over 100 years old that gave visitors a great experience . Sri Muallim restaurant located at Tanjong Malim and has created a twist , not only because of its antique home décor but also serves the village cuisine . Manage by Mohd Rizal Amir and his wife Rozana Habizar , the two-storey house formerly known as Bangunan Sri Perak . This built-in house design features without the nails , instead using punching and solving methods to assemble the board or wood on the house . Windows, ridge, ladder and lattice and ceiling still retain the original build. Most the patrons like to come and enjoy their meals at here because for them this atmosphere reminded their hometown wooden home by their . The interior of the house especially the top is made of the wood turn out will feel more comfortable even in hot weather even the air come in well . The Balcony area is always the choice of customers by enjoying a cup of coffee while chit chating .

Mee Hailam Gearbox Pak Awang - Slim River, Perak

Pak Awang Mee Hailam Gearbox located in the Slim River that become Famous of its fresh and large gearbox at a reasonable price . most of the patron comes from outstation to enjoy the gearbox . visitors that passby definitely will stop by when they are around Slim River . The Mee Hailam Gearbox is the signature dish at Pak Awang Shop . Better known as Pak Awang is the owner of the restaurant . The first stall opened located at Felda Besut Sungkai . However , he found out that his Mee Hailam Gearbox became hot sale , he opened another stall here in Slim River . Mee hailam war a recipe from his late brother-in-law then Pak Awang idea to add gearboxes on the hailam noodle dish . The shop is manage with family members . The son and daughter along with wives of Pak Awang helped him during the business hours . While Pak Awang getting old , he train his son to cook the menus here . Soon or later he will hand over the recipe and shop to them to continue this Traditional dishes f

Chinese New Year Premium Cookies By Yong Sheng

We are going to usher in the Year of Dog in a few weeks . For many , this is a time when their families would gather around to enjoy delicious Chinese New Year traditional dishes , And what better way to mark the Chinese New Year festivities with some snacks and cookie . Highlight the spirit by trying them out with your children and family members to create some memorable experiences . This Year Yong Sheng comes with a Tagline called " Great Year , Good Gift , Gift that delivers the warmest Wishes " - " 好年好礼,喜悦分享,幸福满满 " . Grab THis worthy Package , 4 selected Premium Chinese New Year Cookies for Only RM100 indeed of RM147.30 original Price . Choose 4 from 6 selected Premiuim Chinese New Year Cookies : Almond Cookies , Pineapple Cookies , Strawberry With Almond Cookies , Green BEan Cookies , Cheese ball or Coconut Crispy Roll . Plus Free one limited edition Eco Friendly Bag & Two pack limited Edition Red Packet . Green Pea Cookies  Salted Egg Yolk Coo

Fullhouse Signature Lifestyle Store and Cafe , Sunway Pyramid

This restaurant is rather big which makes it a good place for big gatherings like birthday parties and wedding celebrations . Fullhouse Signature brings new dimensions to wedding and dining experience , It caters to Family Gathers , High Tea Sessions , Relaxing Meet-ups and Chill out . This is a place for a great photo capture moment with the "Wow" gorgeous interior in Fullhouse , you need walk in to witness it . Photo Freak would love every corner with the feel of Princess and price , Lol !! The Victorian dreamy vibes , little pigeons and cute comic characters who are named Thomas (dad) , Tracy (mum) , Tony (son) and Tiffani (daughter) . They are located at Sunway Pyramid LG Floor with similar concept than before and it is now called Fullhouse Signature but with much more grand Atmosphere . The last visiting Fullhouse was at Sunway Giza , Kota Damansara same as there was a vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper Classic park at the entrance and two floor of dining area