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Simmer Huang 黄记皇 , Pavilion Elite Kuala Lumpur

Simmer Huang is finally Landed in Malaysia and Open their first outlet at Pavilion Elite @ Pavilion After it was all around the world including China , US , Thailand , Indonesia , Singapore and many more . Simmer Huang 黃記煌 restaurant chains was started in Beijing that established from 2004 and has more than 600 outlet worldwide . The style of cooking was the basis of the most popular dishes at royal feasts and dinner parties . Traditional recipe has withstood through centuries of refining techniques to provide the best-tasting , most culturally appealing delicacy from the Ling Dynasty . The amazing aroma comes from a unique cooking technique by simmering . Using over ten nutritious vegetables juices and sauces from many ingredients , The food is not fried , nor deep fried and the simmering process doesn’t get affected by air , so all the vitamins and proteins are kept intact for your healthy and delicious enjoyment . The place was totally huge and the environme

Friendscino Restaurant & Bar , TREC KL

Friendscino Started their business in TREC KL from November 2015 that offering Fine dining experience with wide range of foods and wine .  Friendscino is located on the 1st floor next to Nicsmann 1940s with an upper deck dining area and consists of 2 karaoke room & largest Soft Darts decks . Friendscino restaurant and bar offers modern Western fusion  which is with a beautiful skyline view of Kuala Lumpur . The name of this restaurant comes from the word Friends + Culture Is Not Optional (CINO) . Formerly known as “Friendster Cafe” , this restaurant has been re-branded and redesigned into a lifestyle destination for innovative foods and drinks . Good news for Penang Lang!!  Friendscino open a outlet at Pulau tikus , Pulau Oenang . Their are ready to light up your dinner plan with the delectable full range western menu while under a cozy and comfortable ambient . Surely a place to enjoy your evening with the amazing wine buffet or the crazy Rm10/pint Connor's