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Cheong Cia Gong Pian , Sitiawan

First Visit and it's was my last day in sitiawan for Heading back to K.L.... Before We came here , we Had our Lunch at  Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶 For The Super Big Fish Head ...... This is Fuk Chow Tradisional Biscuit and only can get this  Fuk Chow   Biscuit  in Sitiawan or in Sarawak, where a huge numbers of Fuk Chow people in these places as I know.... The corner-lot shop is located at a small lane among the shop houses in the middle of the town , along Jalan Tok Perdana, just behind Wisma Ganda. The popularity of this biscuit was huge , as there was people started lining up to grab the hot and crispy biscuit that fresh from the heated old fashion oven... It was their family business and now run by two brothers who took over from their granduncle that more than ten years ago Histort till now and been helping by granddaughters and  grandsons Pricing for Gong Pian and more than 10 variety to be choose The  gong pian  are made from wheat flou

Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶 , Sitiawan

Last Lunch at sitiawan and after this we are heading back to KL.... After done packing all our luggage and take a fresh bath then all of us leaving the banglo homestay that we stayed for two Night...  Uncle of my friend Bring us here  Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶 , and The uncle said that this shop selling steam big fish head ,and I answered " How Big sin " ? The Uncle says " almost same big as your head"  and I answered in very rude way " yao mou lan oOo " wuahahaha The Uncle says " Where is your DSLR , Bring it down , it was really a big fish head coming on "  and I answered " Okok...I bring down Now ,don't Tipu me ya..." Kung Pou Stingray This dish is special for me but I don't know isit special for you guys or not la....It was spicy that you cansee those dry chilie on it and squeeze the lime then will be more delicious.... Vegetable is a must On every meal we had Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶 Main Dish Bak Ku

Kedai Makan Kuai Kuai Lai( 快快来茶餐厅) , Sitiawan

The Hidden Gem Of kampung Koh , How To Be here?  -I Don't think goongle map or Waze will Bring You here... Actually It easy To be here With Some Landmark..... Search for Maybank at Kampung koh main road,make sure the maybank was on your right side , once you saw maybank on your right then turn Left , go straight a while then the shop will be on your left , you will see tables and chairs under the tree...infront of the shop you can see big big pot been display like the Photo... At First three of us Sound Big That wanna try out all the Desert but can't make it , their potion was big for 1 , we diam diam can try out 3 kind of desert only , their have 5-6 kind of desert , Peanut Soup , Green bean , Red bean , bu bu cha cha , Mak cuk yi mai and Etc.....Really cheap for one Bowl , RM1.20 only!!!! ^O^  But Kinda sweating With hot weather while eating with hot desert.. Red Bean sesame Desert Bu Bu Cha Cha Peanut Soup This Peanut Soup That What act

Foo Chow Kampua Noodles , Pasar Awam Kg Koh, Sitiawan

Sitiawan , Get my Butt up at 10 a.m and craving for breakfast.... any oustation that I go that not belong to me , I will do the research on Breakfast , Lunch and dinner even for supper too... Kampung Koh offers traditional Foochow food which is not widely available in other parts of Malaysia.  The result was that all the locals hailed the Pasar Awam , It wasn't that hard to find, just a street opposite of Ye Si Restaurant, straight on, make a U-turn and you'll have the market on your left. There were a lot of people in morning...even you can alot local that having their breakfast here.... -Prawn Paste For Asam Laksa -Kampung Koh Origin KG. KoH Chili sauce -Salt(Dont for what) -Pickled chopped garlic Soaked in vinegar For Loh Mee -Sambal Chili -Soy Sauce Alot 'Fuk chuk' Hanging around the stall for sell  Kampua Noodle is a different type of yellow noodle. It is noticeably flatter and smaller in diameter as compared to the usual yello