New Boston Restaurant @ Klang

Found this well-known restaurant As Shop Lot at Jalan Kapar, Klang. My Fren brought us there for dinner. It's not far from Damnsara, only about 20 minutes drive (If Not Jam) .Located opposite KWSP, EON Bank and Kamdar. Same row as Wisma Lembaga Tabung Haji.
it is worth travel all the way to Klang for their seafood. They have quite a number of signature dishes  like 'Sheung Tong' La La, Tapioca Noodle, Mantis Prawn et cetera..

New Boston Restaurant have been existence for many years.We Wait our Dish for Half hour to 1 hour for all our dish that we order been served on the fren said that if u come at 6PM to 9PM will be alot of ppl waitting for table and waited their dishes atleast for 2 hour..
Anyway, if you guys do not mind waiting one hour plus to two hours, then why not....The food here is nice...

A lot of tables was inside the restaurant, along side the walking way and even opposite of the restaurant,and the price is rather cheap! In Cantonese, they say 'PENG, LENG, JENG' !!

Signature Dish - 上汤啦啦  Clams in Supreme Soup
Soup base is absolutely amazing that is filled with spicy ginger taste along with chili padi and makes a perfect combination, chinese wine that they are using is sligtly mild onto lala very well. One sip of soup base, you will keep continue drinking it. Lala are very fresh and a perfect simple dish to go along.
By the way , we ordered 4 big plate of (上汤啦啦 -Clams in Supreme Soup)
for 6 of us, kinda lot rite?? ...thing that impress me is 6 of us finish the 4 plate of (上汤啦啦 -Clams in Supreme Soup) just in 15 minute when it landed on our table...PLS GIRLS AND GUYS!..u will eat less if u use chopstick or spoon,dont be shy just use ur hand...
after finish all the LALA then only take ur spoon to taste the spicy while hot soup..YI JI BANG!!

三鲜 Sam Sin "three seafood Combination" on sizzling plate 
The prawns, squids and fish were Really fresh on a hot sizzling plate served with incredible delicious sauce. A considerably famous dish in Klang. This plate is very heavy in calories, but very good stuff,kinda spicy..

Nestum Mantis Prawn is another amazing dish from the restaurant. I have yet come accross to any restaurant that put is so generous with their ingredient. Its like a moutain high fried nestum along with mantis prawn and for 2 of us to eat 3 dish is just  too much. Mantis prawn would feed 3 person easily best of all if please order beer to eat along. Its a perfect companion.

Other than the famous nestum mantis prawn and steamed lala,Boston Baru is famous for their butter mantis prawn and hokkien noodles as well.

When we finished our meal at 11.30pm, the place is basically still abit full with a few tables open. Yes, it's a road side food and ladies, dont bother visiting the toilet or the kitchen, it's not pleasant view. You can choose to sit in the shop but it's quite hot.

The dinner total sumis RM179.00, and we spent almost 2 hours for the great food. I normally close up my food review with a conclusion, but I'm not going to do it for this one. Great food and don't need any compliments from me, try it yourself. Cheers.

Second Visit on july 2013

Do you guys understand what it wrote??

I really dont understand,just like 鬼画符!!...haha

Butter mantis prawn

Address : Jalan Kapar, Klang 
Bussiness Hours : Open at 7.00pm till 1.00am
Tel : 016-268 3104 / 012-905 3523
their have booking service too,call them and book the dishes and time..

ADVISE : To avoid long waiting , better be early before 5pm or after 9.30
GPS coordinate : N03 03.025 E101 26.884


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