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It's EATALIAN Time, Marrybrown Brings Malaysians Around The World Through Second Destination

Let your taste buds savour and enjoy the super rich and robust Italian wonders with the new Marrybrown Eatalian. Mangiamo! It is time to hop onboard Marrybrown’s latest gastronomical adventure around the world, this time to the second destination in the beautiful country of Italy! For the past 40 years, Marrybrown has been known for serving crispy chicken, fragrant and heart-warming nasi lemak, various Malaysian goodness and most importantly, always introducing “something different” in every meal. This time they are introducing their latest delicacy, an Italian feast that could even make the great Godfather, Don Vito smile for us fellow Malaysians to dig into and enjoy. In celebration of its 40 th Anniversary, Marrybrown (the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain) has upped the ante by ensuring that they stay true to their mission when it comes to providing something different. Sparking the adventurous spirit in Malaysians with their latest Around the World themed meal, Marrybrown E