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Restoran Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai 鸟糞) , Penang

Many Penang People have been Talikng about the Maggi Goreng here at Restoran Yunus Khan. Among the Chinese, it is better known as 'Jiao Sai' which means bird shit.  Why It bird shit? From the story I've heard from my penang fren, the restaurant is called 'Jiao Sai' due to their old location at Jalan Phee Choon where birds always shit from the tree!now they've moved to this new location and you nonit to worry about the bird anymore! You may be curious as to how the term 'jiao sai' came about, Jiao Sai is a Hokkien phrase for Bird Shit, they do not include that in their famed mee goreng. they are famous for their Tomyam Maggi Goreng with Chicken and Original Maggi Goreng with Chicken.The small chicken pieces are very crunchy. The maggi remains chewy despite being stir fried after boiling. there will be people flocking the stall from time to time, particularly teenagers and People like us that just back from clubbing that need some supper w

Wonderland Food Store Seafood, Langkawi

This is supposed to be one of the best seafood restaurants in town.Wonderland Food Store is just one of many seafood restaurants along the waterfront in town. There are Thai style seafood restaurants, Malay seafood restaurants, and Chinese seafood restaurants, but many of the last don’t serve pork anyway. We decided on Wonderland Seafood coz we’re never eaten there before and a lot of people talks about it so we checked it out. Here you can eat the freshest seafood for an excellent price. Waiters are very kind and help tourists to choose from the extensive menu.This was highly recommended by the locals and did not disappoint. Definitely a must try in Langkawi。 Kam Heong Mantis Prawn Fried Squid Steamed Sea Bass (Siakap) Dried Chilies Squid Kangkung Belacan Soup LaLa Clear!!! Had a great dinner there the food was like wow.. My tummy was so full when I came out of the shop and also I was happy to eat a good food like it.. Go ahead and tr