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Cendol Kampung Hulu Opened at MidValley, Kuala Lumpur

When you're around Melaka, do not miss out this Cendol Kampung Hulu, Was Viral recently for their shave coconut ice. And Today if any of you in the city that Craving For this Cendol Kampong Hulu no need travel to Melaka because They opened thier first Kiosk booth at AEONBIG Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. Cendol is also one of the tradition food in Melaka and here they served really special cendol with more topping variety. This is their third outlet so far from 2017, The first one located at Kampung Hulu No. 32, Jalan Kampung Hulu, Melaka. The second outlet is located at Jalan Sisi, Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor. The Main highlight here is The Cendol Kampung Hulu, The cendol here really good and different from the normal cendol instead of using normal shaved ice and they use shaved iced coconut milk, The shaved ice coconut milk gives the cendol a very soft velvety rich texture almost like coconut ice cream. Very generous with the topping and gula melaka. And besides