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Kuay Tiew Reua , Kuchai Lama

Hmmm....this was famous now days Authentic Thai Boat Noodle and this was the new shop that Located at Kuchai Lama...similar with  Boat Noodle @ Empire Damansara New sighboard has been put up when my first visit on friday 05/07/14 Food culture in this city was become alot of competitor that begun , there always need to que up when it become famous no matter it was delicious or not...wuahahaha Their start their first day business on 12th July , Thai boat Somen noodles fact that in Thailand it is very common , soup eaten that several heads basically have several options on it.. Generally more common with addition of pig or beef blood, partial with thick soup..... is a normal deco for the shop....maybe have nice deco in the future Spice Selection and make the noodles more delicious Large windows, has just put into operation in the open kitchen Dry Thai Kuey Tiew Dry Mee Hoon Dry Glass Noodles Kab moo / fried pork s

DurianSS2 , SS2

The durian is in season again! This is the most crowded durian buffet stall on the street of SS2.There are 3 choices: RM 9 , RM 15 and RM 20.Of course RM 20 is offering better durians,But I Choose RM 15 is good enough Now is the durian season as you can see lots of stall at the "Durian Paradise" at SS2 PJ setting up and all of them offering buffet style as well... they bring Few durians and opened it in front of us and started To fill our hungry stomach to the max and  eat as much as we can. Don't expected to get the best quality as what we pay ,because for the price we paying and the amount we are eating, I think is still worth it. Its pungent and strong aroma would pierce right through your nose. Some may say it stinks but some may say it smells like heaven. Same goes for the taste, some would hate it and some would like it. DurianSS2 served one of the cheapest and most affordable edible durian. Other stalls set their price at RM9 for buffet but the q