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The Best Website In Malaysia To Play Online Casino Slots

The Best Website In Malaysia To Play Online Casino Slots Malaysian bettors gain access to over 40 different types of slot games on the SBOTOP platform. Each game is designed and curated to keep a punter interested and actively engaged in the game. The themes of the slot games include fantasy, sports, fairy tales, history, ancient history, action, adventure, and other slot game themes. The games hosted on SBOTOP (previously known as Sbobet) are developed by two of the industry’s leading game developers: Microgaming and PlayNGo. Microgaming is registered to operate the Isle of Man, and PlayNGo is for Malta. Both game developers have decades of online game and betting development experience.               SBOTOP Slot Games Some of the slot games featured on the SBOTOP platform include Mega Moolah, Fruit Bonanza, The Book of the Dead, Temple of Wealth, Honey Rush, Speed Cash, All-win FC, the Fortunes of Ali Baba, the Rise of Merlin, and the Book of Oz.  1. Mega Moolah Mega Moolah is a sl

Shopeepay Invites You To Jom Cari Mooncake

It is D-1 before the Mid-Autumn Festival, or also known as Mooncake Festival. If you haven’t gotten any mooncakes yet for yourself and your loved ones, don’t panic!  Check out ShopeePay’s Jom Cari Mooncake campaign that offers mouth-watering cashbacks when you purchase mooncakes from various brands and F&B merchant partners. All you have to do is get the ShopeePay Voucher for 1 sen via the Shopee App and head over to the respective outlet to enjoy the cashback when you pay with ShopeePay.  Here are some ideas on where you can do your last-minute mooncake shopping:  Tea Garden If traditional mooncakes have always been your cup of tea, then check out the classic handmade mooncakes at Tea Garden. They come in various fillings such as lotus paste with single or double yolk, red bean, mixed nuts and black sesame. Purchase the ShopeePay Voucher for 1 sen to enjoy RM5 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM10 at Tea Garden. The voucher will be valid for seven days from the date of purchas

Hero Malaysiaku, A Sweet And Tasty Homage To Frontliners & Malaysians

Coolblog Introduces Smoothies Based on Local Favourites, Durian, Pandan and Cendol for their Hero Malaysiaku campaign! This September, for our Malaysia Day celebration, Coolblog proudly presents the Hero Malaysiaku featuring Malaysian’s local delicacies as an honour to our frontliners for their sacrifices and effort in combating the pandemic. Their hard work and sacrifices ensuring the safety of every Malaysian during the pandemic are highly regarded and will forever stand a place in the heart of every Malaysian. This campaign by Coolblog is also a campaign that applaud us Malaysians, because every single one of us played a crucial part during these trying times where we pulled through hardships and challenges that was brought in by the pandemic. Though we are still far away from the finishing line, but the sacrifices that we have put on the table made us heroes, and we deserve to be celebrated.   To put the sweet touch to this celebration, Coolblog is honouring the king of all fruits