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Eddy's Kitchen - Chicken 65 Noodle

Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish originating from Chennai, India, and one the quick snack . prepared using chicken without the bone. While the name "Chicken 65" is universally used to refer to the dish, there are many different stories for how the name came about. wash and clean the chicken marinate the chicken with salt, red chili powder, rice flour, lemon juice and egg. let it rest for minimum 30 mins. You can keep it for 1 - 1 1/2 hours to get moist and juicy chicken 65 heat oil in a vessel and add the marinated chicken pieces to fry them until the chicken pieces gets cooked and become crispy. Ingredients (serves for 2) boneless chicken - 1 piece salt - as needed red chili powder - 3 tsp rice flour - 3/4 tsp lemon juice - 1 1/2 tsp egg - 1 oil - for frying The noodle that taste good from Vietnam.... Organic: Natural taste, no additives or preservatives,Pasta makes for a quick and easy vegetarian or vegan mea

9 Most Brutal murder Story Of Malaysia

Here is the 9 most brutal murder that occurred in Malaysia .. some of killers had been arrested , had received sentenced to death and some of them are still free out there.... 1. MURDER Datuk Mazlan Idris - July 23, 1993 The late Datuk Mazlan Idris (Blue Shirt) The famous  brutal  criminals with a scary smile murdered brutally of the Batu Talam state assemblyman    members  , Datuk Mazlan Idris by cutting Datuk Mazlan into 18 pieces. Mona with her husband Nor Affandi Abdul Rahman and his assistant Juraimi Hassan was convicted for the murder committed. Mona known as the shaman to some local political experts and offered Datuk Mazlan A sticks and amulets which he said belonged to the former president of Indonesia, Sukarno price for RM2.5 million ringgit. Datuk Mazlan who takes Mona as a Private shaman of himself and himself agrees to pay  advance the  deposit of RM500,000. Horrible moment was began when Datuk Mazlan been told to lie down and facing the the ceiling . Mona a

Mirama Hot Pot Seafood , Bangkok

The famous main dish "duck skin" one of the more popular restaurant joints in the Silom Plaza Area in Bang Rak District is the Mirama Hot Pot and Seafood Restaurant, situated at the ground floor. this hot pot and seafood restaurant speclializez in assorted chinese cantonese seafood dishes plus assorted hot pot, particularly the Sze Chuan Syle. the restaurant is composed of two floors and designed in a typical chinese minimalist ambiance . this restaurant is popular with locals and asian tourists too. 'Peking Duck' There are many different ways to enjoy the crispy Peking Duck meat but I find that the Pancake version is by far the best and bring out the full duck to your table and slice the bird into thin, crisp pieces perfect for pancake wrapping. From there you simply put a few pieces of meat on top of the pancake, add a couple spring onion bits, drizzle some hoisin sauce and roll the pancake into a delicate fajita shape.

Volcano Prawn , Bangkok

The famous Volcano Shrimp that been talk about by everyone..  Finally I had the chance to have a try on it... Thai food varies from region to region due to geography and history. In the West, most Thai restaurants serve Bangkok-style cuisine. The food of Isaan is famous for being very spicy and pungent, seasoned with fresh herbs.... Salty skin Grill Talapia  Seafood Tom Yam Gong Deep Fried Talapia   Fish Paste Mince Spicy Chicken Mix Vege Here comes the main dishes.....Volcano Shrimp !!!