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Eddy's Kitchen - Chicken 65 Noodle

Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish originating from Chennai, India, and one the quick snack . prepared using chicken without the bone.
While the name "Chicken 65" is universally used to refer to the dish, there are many different stories for how the name came about.

wash and clean the chicken
marinate the chicken with salt, red chili powder, rice flour, lemon juice and egg.let it rest for minimum 30 mins. You can keep it for 1 - 1 1/2 hours to get moist and juicy chicken 65
heat oil in a vessel and add the marinated chicken pieces to fry them until the chicken pieces gets cooked and become crispy.

Ingredients (serves for 2)

boneless chicken - 1 piece
salt - as needed
red chili powder - 3 tsp
rice flour - 3/4 tsp
lemon juice - 1 1/2 tsp
egg - 1
oil - for frying

The noodle that taste good from Vietnam....
Organic: Natural taste, no additives or preservatives,Pasta makes for a quick and easy vegetarian or vegan meal and is a versatile enough staple that you can dress it up hundre…

Franco , One Utama

The Famous Miam Miam is officially rebranded to ‘FRANCO’
the French-Japanese Fine Casual Restaurant , You must been have heard, seen and eaten that everyone talking about ‘Miam Miam’ at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (the 1st outlet in Klang Valley).
Miam Miam has been rebranded to ‘FRANCO’. Now, with this new name, eveyone can expect the same, great-tasting menu with a few exciting new additions coming...

‘FRANCO by Miam Miam’ is a Singapore-Australia brand of French-Japanese inspired Fine-Casual Dining. It is an exciting concept set out to define a new dining experience – to bring the taste of fine dining restaurants into a casual lifestlye.

nice weather aftenoon of sunday , On this day , me , mahin and smith was decide to have a masive of eating and shopping for our coming boracay vacation that heading on next monday ...
the main purpose to one utama today is get our RM money change to Peso at the lower ground money changer and get a lunch buffet at seoul garden that same floor lower ground...

bxieBlonde , Publika

A few days a ago, me and my friend went to publika and had spotted a special building made of "container" at Publika outdoor(opposite Silver Spoon) , Last week, I got to know from FACEBOOK that shared out by friend that it is apparently a new opening cafe . I will spare some time in the weekend to visit this cute place , I kinda like the way they design the cafe in the container house, simply trendy. 

The first floor has half open half indoor areas for seating, with Aircond, open outdoor will be more suitable for a hang-out at night, but definitely not during the daytime . 

Morganfield's , Publika

the “Home of Sticky Bones”, Morganfield’s has set its sights on being the go-to place for ribs.

“Sticky Bones refers to Morganfield’s method of cooking, whereby ribs are slow-cooked and smoked in coal and hickory wood until tender, then basted with a gluey sweet and sour tomato based mopping sauce .

Morganfield’s, the place for mouth watering pork ribs in Malaysia is moving in a rapid pace to satiate the palates of ribs lovers

Started in the year of 2012, Morganfield’s is now having five outlets in Malaysia, namely Pavillion KL, Gurney Paragon Penang, Queensbay Mall Penang, eCurve Mutiara Damansara, Publika Solaris Dutamas. Not only that, the restaurant has also expanded another outlet in Star Vista, Singapore .

There will be another two or three more outlets launched in Malaysia and Singapore this year to serve the appetite of ribs lovers from across these two nations. Apart from expanding the market, he said that Morganfield’s will strive to continuously improve and satisfy patrons with…

1600 Panda Invasion in Malaysia

WELCOME TO MALAYSIA , my son , daugher , grandson , granddaughter cucu cicit and cocot !!!  xxx

‘1600 Pandas MY’ which had travelled half the globe is now landed in Malaysia. The hype is expected to tour around Malay Peninsula, making stops at more than 15 locations. Each of these adorable panda shows funny yet authentic expression.

Upon their first visit to Malaysia, they are on a special mission, to pass the important message from World Wide Fund for Nature - Malaysia (WWF - Malaysia) regarding the significance of environmental preservation to every corner of the country.

The number 1600 is exactly the amount of the wild pandas that existed in the woods during the time this campaign was launched back then. Hopefully with this ‘1600 Pandas’ exhibition lasting 1 month in Malaysia, public awareness would raise and people would spend more time knowing the ideas behind environmental preservation.

In this coming December, artist Paulo Grangeon with collaborate with Faster Advertising as organ…