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Larut Matang Food Court , Taiping

When you travel to Taiping, it is not necessary for you to dine in a air conditioning restaurant for seafood dinner, the better choice is to try the local Malaysian foods in a famous hawker center , the one place that's always crowded is the Larut Matang Hawker Centre .  There are Malay, Chinese and Indian food for you. Please come with empty stomach and enjoy eating , for those who know Taiping, They call it “Cai Chi” (Hokkien). Many of us call it “Downstair of Larut Matang” also, it’s just opposite to Taiping Jaya Supermarket . Larut Matang Food Court located at Jalan Panggung Wayang is probably the best place to hunt for hawkers' food during the day time . This food court is closed by early evening . With more than 80 stalls selling huge variety of local favourites .  For a taste of Taiping food , The prices here are pretty reasonable too . Stall 78* The Famous Fried Fish Ball Koay Teow with many ingredients such as Fish Ball, Char Siew, Fish Slice, Pork, and Fri

Kang Kao Seafood Restaurant , Kuala Sepetang

Kang Kao Seafood Restaurant (十八丁港口海鲜楼) was one of the famous seafood restaurant in Kuala Sepetang , we went for our dinner here since everyone talk about the delicious of their seafood . This place offers the view and delicious freshly cooked food as well . Kang Kao Seafood Restaurant (十八丁港口海鲜楼) is located at the 2nd floor of the 3-storey building . The ground floor are renovated into a cafe and guesthouses respectively . The special food here is the Curry Prawns and Bread 咖喱面包虾 that is a dish of curry prawns is cooked in aluminium foil and then wrapped with the dough before being baked to the golden brownish bread . Homemade "Fu chuk Yi mai " . The best drink here . Salted Egg Butter Prawn   Kang Kao Homemade Tou-Fu招牌豆腐 Soy Sauce Ginger Pomfret We've all enjoyed the the foods . some of the dishes are really special will reasonable price and delicious . Kang Kao Seafood Restaurant (十八丁港口海鲜楼) 151-A3, River Side,  Kuala Sepe