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Lover's Bridge , Tanjung Sepat

The lover's bridge is a wooden pier that leads far out to sea, with a jetty at the end that allows fishing boats to dock at low tide. In the past, the bridge was likely a popular haunt for couples at night, providing the inspiration for its name. Today, it is a sightseeing attraction for visitors to gaze at sea, boats and the coastal stretch . The most famous iconic landmark of this thriving fishing village, Lover's Bridge is claimed so, as it is dedicated to the faithful fishers' wives, the only spot to wait for their spouses to return from sea everyday . morphing from a solid concrete structure to a combined of wooden planks the further it reaches out to the ocean Straits of Malacca. The most scenic sight is not the bridge but the foliage, sea creatures, mangrove swamps at the waterfront. People usually don't swim here because the water is too muddy . From the bridge, visitors have a view of the vast mudflats at low tide, with a little greenery tow

Yek Loong Enterprise , Tanjung Sepat

Yek Loong is one of the famous fresh fish ball maker , Mini factory that located at shop lot area . GPS needed to reach the there somewhere around housing area . Fresh Fish from the sea that been mince by the machine . Fish ball process from the machine and been packing for sale .  Fried right before your eyes and then purchase bags of the goodies. One bite into the little tasty balls of 100% fish meat . Yek Loong Enterprise No. 30, Jalan Bawal 1,  42800, Tanjong Sepat, Selangor, Malaysia

Arowana Chips , Tanjung Sepat

Arowana Malayan Food Industries Sdn Bhd Or Tanjung Sepat Tanjung Chips , we able to walk through the entire chips making process and the slice of chip been fries . This factory selling homemade tapioca chipsb . We can take a look on how their process , The factory is attached with a shop selling all their products . There is an area where they keep a bunch of tapiocas waiting to be washed , skinned and sliced .  The sliced tapioca, or chips, are then soaked and drained mutiple times to get rid of any dirt or powder . Slicing has to be done through the machine for more precise cutting , The clean chips are then fried in a room specially set aside for such task . Freshly Hot Fried from the "Wok" !! Then we got to see packs after packs of chips that they store in their warehouse and shop , They had a all chips sample for us to try . we bought some chips crackers and a packet of satay fish . I wish to buy those big packet chips B

Mr. Black Hand-Made Pau 小黑手工包点 , Tanjung Sepat

Mr. Black Hand-Made Pau , one of the two famous pau in Tanjong Sepat , The competitor of Hai Yew Heng  , the shop was located at shop lot along the main road and easily can be spotted . The signboard that direct us from nowhere to somewhere that we wanted to be . In tanjong Sepat there was alot signboard showing direction to any different shops you wanted . The black with yellow wording signboard makes us  easily spotted while we are on the main road . The price here is more cheaper than Hai Yew Heng   that we had ate earlier . The Shop is a comfortable modern setting, a little like old-town style and looks clean . the waiter have a good attitude by serving us . Live kitchen that doing handmade pau's in the shop , dine in visitor can look at the processing while eating . We ordered " Golden Pau" , the special About this " Golden Pau " is the skin , they deep fried the white skin Pau with oil . RM0.50 extra