Mon Chaang ThaiTea by chapayom , Sunway Pyramid

Great news for Thai Tea lovers as same like me , Mon Chaang the legendary Thai Tea had opened their second outlet in LG2 AEON Sunway Pyramid . Who ever that had Traveled to Thailand , surely have seen this Chapayom Thai tea stall everywhere on the street . There are more than 1500 stall around Thailand by today . While known as Mon Chaang by Chapayom in Malaysia .
At this new outlet , there are more than ten different series of drinks , the best part is the affordable price from RM4.90 Hot , RM5.90 Cold and RM6.90 Blended . Absolutely worth for price with the taste of tea fragrance and creamy smooth but the most important part is not really sweet that the concern of Malaysian .
Thai Cocoa (Chocolate) , Thai Milk Coffee , Thai Milk Red Tea , Thai Milk Rose Tea and Thai milk Green Tea . 
Thai Green Tea , Thai Red Tea , Thai Rose Tea , Thai Mocha ( Coffee & Cocoa ) and Thai Milk Tea & Coffee ( Cham ) . 
The tea is sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and served chilled or Hot . Evaporated milk added taste and creamy appearance . In Thai restaurants , it is served in a tall glass but when sold from street and market stalls in Thailand it may be poured over the crushed ice in a plastic bag or tall plastic cups .
The drink is made from strongly brewed from Green Tea , Rose Tea and Red Tea that imported original from Thailand . Recently have only two outlet available at LG2 AEON Sunway Pyramid and Menara Citibank Jalan Ampang . Give a visit to get your loyalty card for Free Buy 10 drinks and get 1 Free with no expired date . Franchising Enquiries Available For Those looking small business opportunity by email them at . The brand was influence around asia and spreading fast since thai milk tea was the all time favourite drinks by human being .

Mon Chaang ThaiTea by chapayom
Address : LG2 , AEON mall , Sunway Pyramid
Hours : Daily 10PM - 10AM 

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