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Pu Yuan Restaurant (炒薯粉小食馆) , Old Klang Road

Sunshine Sunday morning and it was a memorable happy day to my bestie as the newlyweds couple that just sign their papers and officially married in "guai lou" style at Thean Hou Temple .  When talk about Pu Yuan Restaurant (炒薯粉小食馆) , I don't really know where it's located and what to eat at these place . My bestie shows me some photo of it but I still have no idea and it's okay because we are heading to there . From Thean Hou Temple to Pu Yuan Restaurant (炒薯粉小食馆) takes about 15 minute only , Since it was her happy day , so nobody gonna fight with the bill , she is belanja-ing Us . hehe  Pu Yuan Restaurant (炒薯粉小食馆) is one of the hidden gem in Klang Valley Just beside to SJK(C) Choong Wen , just before the post office junction at Old Klang Road . Not really easy to be found if don't caution it properly . Turn to Left junction Before the Pos office , slow down and try to find for parking , the shop exactly is located on the left build up with plywood

The Champ Kitchen , Kepong

The Champ Kitchen 猪多宝猪脚饭 That Located at Kepong -KIP- Industrial Zone . The Champ Kitchen lead on something special than others that You can't expected and famous for Pork Knuckle that been take over for three generation till now . The Shop Space was not really big but enough for customer that visit to dine in on weekend and when comes to weekend the shop will be pack and some customer need to wait for empty table to be serve . What So Special About The Pork Knuckle here?? -  Pork Knuckle !! On the right side at entrance , You will saw a gigantic crock , the secret from generation to generation was hide inside the huge crock and the Gem will be cook for 72 hours before serving to their loyalty customer . Almost 130 - 150 piece Pork Knuckle can be cook in one time by using the Giganic crock and Use soup bag filled with Anxi Fujian province福建安溪-China recipe spice to cook it . claypot whole Pork Leg (Pork Knuckle) Small-RM28 , Medium-RM3