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Kai's Plato , Kota Kemuning

Calling all seafood lovers!!!  Come and experience Kai's Plato Seafood Platter , the 1st in Malaysia to have the most tiers with more than 10 types of scrumptious seafood in a tower platter . they are 100% seafood restaurant that serves quality and fresh seafood with an environment to create memorable experience for their customers . Kai's Plato was established by a group of friends that is aslo a seafood lovers and Started their fisrt Outlet in Febuary 2015 at kota damansara . The restaurant is cosy with a friendly environment where people can enjoy good food . Almost been operation for 2 years in Kota Damansara and Follow by the success of their first outlet , Kai’s Plato has recently opened a 2nd outlet at Kota Kemuning on the 20th July 2016 .  The Different between Kai’s Plato and others seafood restaurant is a “hands and table” concept . No cutlery will be provided and customers will be enjoying their food with both bare hands . The interesting idea en

Next Station Noodle House , Seksyen 19

-- Next Station Noodle House Located at Seksyen 19 around SS2 , Seksyen 19 is not a stranger place and well known for durianssss . Next Station Noodle House just stand behind of the famous durian street in seksyen 19 . -- Restoren Next Station terletak di Seksyen 19 di sekitar SS2 , Seksyen 19 adalah tempat yang dikenali oleh orang ramai dan terkenal dengan durian . Restoren Next Station terletak di belakang jalan durian yang terkenal di Seksyen 19 . -- 百家村面家位置是在十九区SS2附近 , 十九区并不是一个陌生的地方因为著名了吃榴莲的地点 . 百家村面家在十九区著名的榴莲街的背后 . -- The Next Station Noodle House interior decoration was just normal like those chinese coffee shop with wood table and plastic chair . here offers a wide variety of Side dishes and noodles too . The Signature dish of soup noodle are Chicken soup , Tomato soup and Ginger Wine soup and Don't forget to order their famous Kampung chicken . -- Restoren next station mempunyai hiasan dalaman yang biasa seperti kedai kopi cina dengan meja kayu dan kerusi pl

B Cascades , Kota Damansara

-- Dataran Cascades is a new place to hang out and not fully tenanted moved in yet but there are have a few eateries on ground and first floor . B Cascades located on Level LG In Dataran Cascades . B Cascades is the first outlet in Kuala Lumpur That started the brand from Johor Bahru , Brazzo Cascades have three outlets in Johor , one at Kuching and the newest fifth outlet is in Kota Damansara . -- Dataran Cascades adalah tempat baru untuk berlepak dan bukan semua kedai buka sepenuhnya lagi tetapi ada mempunyai beberapa makan kedai-kedai di atas dan tingkat pertama . B Cascades terletak di Aras LG Di Dataran Cascades .  B Cascades merupakan cawangan pertama di Kuala Lumpur yang jenamanya laris di Johor Bahru , Brazzo Cascades mempunyai tiga cawangan di Johor, satu di Kuching dan yang terbaru adalah di Kota Damansara . -- Dataran Cascades 是个新地方 , 展示开的店面还不是说很多  , 但在一楼和二楼有几个餐馆 , B Cascades的位置是在 LG的 .  B Cascades这品牌是从柔佛州新山开始的 , 而现在Brazzo Cascades在柔佛有三间分行 , 一个在古晋和最新的第五间就在哥白沙罗 .