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Mee Wah restaurant , Bidor

While On The Way Back to Ipoh From KL,I Gonna stop by at Bidor For This Mee Wah Wan ton mee... i Missed this shop Last time bcoz their was closed when i was there.... huhu
And the finally i can a have try here and it was my first visit anyway
i reach here during lunch hour and was full of people , its was been recommended by my friend...I'M always was A solo food hunter

Wonder no more as shrimps the size of a thumb wrapped in silky smooth dumpling skin is a regular feature at the Bidor Mee Wah Restaurant in Bidor , Stall owner Loke Mei Ying said filling the wantan with whole shrimp instead of chopped or ground shrimps helped to give it a crunchy texture.
“It allows one to taste the tenderness of the shrimp while relishing its natural texture,”
Loke, 42, who has been selling wantan noodles at the town for about 30 years now, said the whole shrimp wantans was well-received by her customers.
While Loke spends much attention on creating the special wantans, she does not neglect the quality …

Ikan Panggang 325 , Petaling Street

Portuguese grill fish 特色葡萄牙烧鱼
Hidden in the walkway next to Hong Leong Bank, the stall is famous for its hot and spicy Portuguese Grilled Fish. 

The fish is wrapped in aluminium foil with special homemade chili paste and grilled on the spot with charcoal fire when an order is placed. In addition to fish, you can also add in vegetables, prawns, squids, and so on to enhance your dining experience.

this famous stall at Petaling Street probably some 15 years ago and it wasn’t just a few weeks ago that I finally pay a return visit after all these while.

15 years ago, Petaling Street had no roof, the stall operators were mostly locals selling counterfeit products, and the Portuguese grill fish operation was a stall next to Hong Leong bank.
Today, the street has a shiny roof, stalls are manned by Banglasia ,Nepalsia and Myanmarsia selling the same counterfeit products.....

I got to inform that if you like to dine at this place you need to order or even book in advance, I would suggest an hour befor…

+Wondermilk , Uptown Damansara

Wondermilk has been operated in Damansara Uptown for years, yet many of us did not know about it , Wondermilk is located hiddenly placed around the workshops, therefore less of us would frequently passby there.

The branch here is nicer &  more relaxing for me as it has warm environment with all the spacious & comfy seats,
Wondermilk is famous for its cupcakes & milk. Nevertheless, it sells meals like sandwiches, pasta, and burgers as well. Due to my every visit to here was just to satisfy my sudden crave for cupcake

Besides that, you could buy some biscuits & candies available in Wondermilk....
There's the whole-sized cake displayed And they could be purchased as well. Such colourful & loving cakes......

For chocolate lovers, Wondermilk has pretty nice chocolate cupcakes which could fulfill your high requirement for a cupcake with full chocolate fillings. Others than that, you could get some lighter flavours like red velvet, John lemon & cik rose here, which are…

Idea Innovation Of Shabu Shabu,The Strand,KD

New Steamboat in town That located at The Strand,Kota Damansara....
They Launch Official grand opening On 31st OCT 2013,This Shop Started to operate 21st OCT Before their grand opening....

The Decoration style at here is to attract for those youngster and Family with two shoplot combine together for smoking area and non-smoking area And have VIP Room for 10 person so you can shout and laugh out loud...wuhahaha

Individual set meal- 2 sets over here comes with pork slices, some meatballs, pork roll needle mushroom, prawns, greens, noodles and others

A new trend has arises in another style of steamboat(shabu-shabu) where everyone gets to eat in their own pot,pour in whatever they want while maintaining the sanitary level(without saliva exchange in the soup using own chopsticks).

pork satay-recipe is easy to make and the satay can either be oven-broiled or grilled on your barbecue,One thing that really makes this Satay recipe stand out is the peanut butter. The nutty flavor mixed with the mild…