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Thaweesin Hot Spring Restaurant , Chiang Rai

Thai Sambal Steam Talapia  Fried Fish Paste PiG Leg Black Chicken Herbal Soup Mix Vege Thai Style Kong Pou Fish LaLa Fried Egg This Restaurant is located inside Thaweesin Hot Spring and their Famous Dish was The Pig Leg....All the dish was delicious anyway...

Dusit Island Resort Wiang , Chiang Rai

For complete dining satisfaction there are four superb restaurants , Thai and international favorites. Larn Tong Thai Pavilion nearby specializes in northern Thai food. Drinks and evening entertainment can be enjoyed at the Lobby Lounge, Cellar Pub and Peak Lounge, while light refreshments are also available at the poolside. Homemade Sambal Udang Pedas Fried Popiah Fried Minced Pork Thai Stlye Talapia Stir Vege Fish Tomato White Tom Yam Chicken Seafood

Baitong Thai Cuisine Restaurant , Chiang Mai

Bai Tong is a Thai restaurant, We visited during lunch time. The restaurant was very busy but we had no wait. The interior of the restaurant is very unexpected, primarily due to the ceiling height and the restaurant’s use of that space. Though the building appears to be one story at the entrance, inside is a two-story wall. It is brown, appears to be wood and has interesting alcoves created in  the wall. Deep Fried Talapia With Special made Mix Sauce Stir Chicken sweet Sauce White Spicy Tom Yum All The Food here was awesome and  delicious till we clean all the dishes infront of us...