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钓鱼台 , Pulau Ketam

We plan a short trip for 2 days 1 night purposely for fishing only at pulau ketam this time... this was my second visit to Pulau Ketam and my First  visit purpose is for seafood and walk around the island... We Gather and start our Journey From Petaling Jaya at 6 a.m straight to klang and have our bak kut teh breakfast...Then must be at Klang jetty at 8.30a.m to depart... In this visit ,  I just realise that pulau Ketam was big than I thought , By cycling needed 1 hour to explore the whole pulau Ketam and we cycling for 20 Minute to reach the market for meal...      吉膽島漁家民宿釣魚台 EKA Pulau Ketam Fishing Home & Restaurant & Hotel We reach here around 9 a.m...How To reach Here? once the ferry arrive the main jetty of Pulau ketam , there was a boat that provide by homestay will approach the ferry and transfer us to the homestay....   The environment was tidy and the rooms was clean as you see..... Once we arrive 吉膽島漁家民宿釣魚台 EKA Pulau Ketam Fis

Thaweesin Hot Spring Restaurant , Chiang Rai

Thai Sambal Steam Talapia  Fried Fish Paste PiG Leg Black Chicken Herbal Soup Mix Vege Thai Style Kong Pou Fish LaLa Fried Egg This Restaurant is located inside Thaweesin Hot Spring and their Famous Dish was The Pig Leg....All the dish was delicious anyway...