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Dapor Warisan , Johor Bahru

Unique Kitchen Heritage , visitors can choose to sit on chair or sit on the floor with mat cross-legged , That's the style of the villagers . The decoration is quite simple but the food was awesome authentic . Dapor Warisan Restaurant is a restaurant that is conceptualized by traditional and classic , The restaurant is located at the Sultan Abu Bakar Heritage Complex . Dapor Warisan is a restaurant that serves taste buds of village atmosphere in the heart of Johor Bahru . Heritage Drafts offers a selection of traditional menus from various regions . Rumah limas in this country is a mix of traditional Javanese house , Bugis, Banjar , Palembang and other descendants of the Malay clan in the Malay Archipelago . The restaurant serves a wide variety of authentic Malay side dishes including  Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili Padi , Daging Salai Masak Lemak , Fish head Curry , Belangkas asam pedas and many more . On weekends , patrons will be accompanied by cultural performanc

Anchor PizzArt Trail (Malacca) - HungryBear , Malaysia

This PizzaArt campaign takes the enjoyment of pizza a notch up by infusing global food trends into local favourites . With the meat endowed cheese oozing PizzaBurger as one of its main attraction , the other four pizza inventions created by Anchor Food Professionals include an ambitious all meat based UltiMeat Pizza , a spin on Chicago's authentic Deep Cheese Pizza , a heavy Cjeese Pretzza as well as delicate Pizza Rolls . This second PizzArt campaign follows the huge success of the first PizzArt campaign , which was carried out nationwide from May to October 2017 . Speaking at the unveilling of the second PizzaArt campaign , Director of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia , Ms Linda Tan spoke about hoe the brand taps into their New Zealand based research and going beyond their role as consultants to their partner restaurant and clients . She added that the team is always ready to take up the challenge of drawing inspiration from worldwide trends and adapting them locally to he

Pizza Hut Chinese New Year CHEES-SANG 2018 , Malaysia

Pizza Hut Serves up happiness this Chinese New Year with the All- New CHEESE-SANG Cheesy Bites Sharing happiness this festive season and encouraging Malaysians to spread the joy with others . Petaling Jaya , 12 Febuary 2018 - Pizza Hut Malaysia , Malaysia's No.1 pizza chain launches its first ever Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites , as a way of bringing happiness to the table this Chinese New Year season . With this launch . Pizza Hut invites Malaysians to spread a little happiness to their loved ones and share in each other's joy . This limited edition pizza will be available nationwide in January and Febuary 2018 and through dine in , delivery and take away . The Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites comes complete with eighteen generous bites full of cozing cheddar and mozzarella cheese and topped with crispy fried tempura king prawns , pineapple on a bed of creamy salted egg sauce . The Chinese New Year , Pizza Hut is encouraging Malaysians to pause and take time to do somet

Restoran Johor Riau , Tanjung Piai

If you are looking for local Johorean seafood with a 5-star rating but with reasonable price and a restaurant with great design , then head over to the feast that is at the Restoren Johoriau that located along the to Tanjung Piai . Known as the best place to enjoy seafood and it is truly a culinary experience that is worth a visit . Offering exotic cuisine such as Belangkas Lemak Cili Padi too , My first time taking Belangkas . The restaurant’s bold approach in introducing Johorean cuisine must be applauded . Johorean cuisine is not atypical of Malay food found else in Malaysia. The regional cuisine has Middle Eastern influence and resembles the culture of great trading in spices, herbs, and foods. Due to its complexity and often difficult and complicated recipes, the best authentic Johorean favourite recipes . As a whole, the Johorean dishes may have similar names to the food of the Northern states. However the ingredients, preparation, presentations differ. The marked differe