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Cincin Wine Bar & Grill , Taman Connaught

At First at all , I Gonna Tell You What does " Cincin " Means . "Chin-chin" is an italian toast, (actually Cin-Cin) which I believe means the equivalent of "to your health". Just as French people , the Italians say “cheers” in two ways,  “Salute” in an informal situation or “Cin cin” in a more formal context . Some great Italian drinking toasts or cheers besides salute are “cento di questi giorni” or “cent’ anni”. “Cento di questi giorni” means “May you have a hundred of these days” , and “cent’ anni” means “a hundred years” .

Previously known as Coffee Berry , it has been rebranded to now become CINCIN With new image that served fine dining restaurant with great ambience & wide selection of great wine . The Shop was located in Taman bukit Hijau at Taman Connaught and opened Few month back this year , It was a Great place to Hangout that Served yummylicious Foods , Limited Wines and awesome deal of Cold Beer .

Cincin had their Official Grand Opening Wit…

AFTERWERK , Scott Garden

Afterwerk is well known as a place for Happy hours that located at Scoot Garden along Jalan Klang Lama , The venue was operated for few years and still been counting till now . Today I'm here for not only on their Happy Hour Promotion set , We are here for the all new dining experience .

The Afterwerk now comes new fnb options available With a spanking brand new stage and frills , daily changing LIVE bands and the best fnb promotions to go it is a one stop haven to hit for a quiet birthday or a gregarious party . Afterwerks promises a special experience to each and every diner/party goer . Enjoy after office hours in the dim and cool comforts within the bustling hours . The restaurant offers sessions with friends and colleagues over pints of beer or bottles of Chivas .

AfterWerk is a 7,000 sq ft huge space that provides few different spots for patrons to enjoy the night with cool sip of beer . The outdoor seating area blazing during the afternoons , comfortable plush red sofas to si…