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Chicken & Butter Was A Perfect Match To Be Discovered At The Chicken Rice Shop

  A full fill dinner with the all new "Grilled Butter Chicken" at The Chicken Rice Shop. The Beginning year is a time for reflection, gratitude, and most importantly togetherness. Loved ones from around the world travel far and wide to be together, because experiencing the magical moments of the season with the ones who matter is what makes it worthwhile. The act of sharing a meal is simple, but the gesture itself is a heartwarming one. The Chicken Rice Shop offers festive menus and promotions that are made for sharing, in hopes to reunite loved ones, create new friendships and strengthen each unique relationship. A perfect match is out there for everyone. In the culinary world, one such example of that perfect bliss is the pairing of chicken and butter - a dish when churned out to be rich in texture and flavour. Fully aware of this combination’s aroma and fineness, The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) is announcing the return of its most sought-after year-end menu, the Grilled Butte