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Tai Lei Loi Kei (澳門大利來記豬扒包) @ Dataran Sunway,Kota Damansara

(Closed Down)

When I did a research on places to eat in Malaysia for the pork chop bun of Tai Lei Loi Kei kept coming up. Even though I’m not a fan of this unique,I decided to give it a try when I saw their outlet in Dataran Sunway of Kota Damansara where I was always Around.

This Place have been start operating on 23/07/2013 and I visit this place after 3 day ago is on 26/07/2013....

Tai Lei Loi Kei (澳門大利來記豬扒包) is the famous cafe at Taipa Village of Macau since 1968 and it has been serving the Signature Pork Chop Bun everyday to thousand of people. We didn't get to try it the last time we went to Macau so we were glad that we had the chance to try it in KL instead.

Their Signature Pork Chop Bun was fried with their special marinate sauce, absolutely tasty and juicy in every bite. Serving was big although I still think the price is a little high for a piece of pork chop and 2 pieces of bread. But I'd still recommend it to others...

The value set meal for signature pork chop bun goe…

Ten28ight Boutique Cafe@Desa Sri Hartamas

Visited Ten28ight Boutique Cafe at Sri Hartamas yesterday for Hi-tea with my Sister and her 2 sons.The enjoy for afternoon tea..This time, we came across to this lovely cafe, Ten28ight @ Desa Sri Hartamas, which serves really delicious afternoon tea.  While the portion is not large, each piece of treats is carefully handcrafted......

When we arrived around 4 pm....2nd floor instead are belong to them also.Although managed by the same owner, the one upstairs was more for private parties and functions, and is rarely open for walk-ins.

Afternoon Tea Set (4 Pax) * 4 x Tarts  * 4 x Parfaits * 4 x Macarons * 4 x Savoury Pastries (Quiche, Curry Puff, Samosa) * 2 Cakes * 4 x Drinks (Coffee or Tea)

This place, which is very cosy and homey, was decorated with cute, stylish little items -mostly for sale-.their tables are made with recycled wooden crates with vintage feel to it And it was very quiet.

Restaurant Goon Wah,Kuchai Lama

Famous XO Fish Head Noodles & Claypot Loh Shu Fun

My friend Drag me to this place. As it was situated in Kuchai Lama, it wasn't too much of a hassle for me to go for breakfast. Restoran Goon Wah is supposed to be famous for their XO fish head noodles.
There was already a crowd at the restaurant upon arrival. I figured, the bigger the crowd, the better the food.but service was efficient and good. Even the food didn't take long to come

The fish head bee hoon (RM 13.90, Small) comes in a big clay-pot, definitely value for money.  Even the smallest pot is enough for two.  The fish has a crisp outer layer and it’s not oily despite that it’s been deep fried. The soup is sweet & sour, and less creamy, milky compared to other fish head bee hoon soup.The noodles seem to be home-made as I haven’t encounter this type of noodles elsewhere.  In terms of size, it is smaller than “lau shu fen”yet bigger than rice noodles.  Quite refreshing to try a different kind of noodle. The only exc…

Food Republic,1 Utama Shopping Mall,PJ

There were at least 10 stalls catering to differing culinary preferences. The most eye-catching asset of the Food Republic is the panoramic views from the interior of the eatery. The views which span more than 200 degrees comprise the flyover, main road, One Utama lakeside and the distant hills in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Food Republic at One Utama looks very smart, clean and has the atmosphere of an upscale food court. It will probably receive more attention from the younger generation.

For the time being, I am giving Food Republic the thumbs-up. It is an excellent choice for some delicious meals if you do not relish the idea of consuming more fast food. Air-conditioning is free and unpolluted air is part of the package. Food Republic belongs to the BreadTalk group based in Singapore. Its spacious dining concept is enhanced by a wide selection of hawker cuisine. If you do not like eating by the roadside or in some dusty and unhygienic back lanes, you would love this place. It has all the m…

Black Canyon Coffee @ Centre Point, Bandar Utama

Yet another foreign franchise coming into this food-loving country of ours. Black Canyon Coffee, a relatively new player in the already competitive food industry in Malaysia. Originated from Thailand, where it has established itself as one of the leading restaurant-chain, now they can be found all over South East Asia.
Black Canyon Coffee is a local Thailand brand that has a history dated back to 1993. It has more than 190 branches all over Thailand.
Black Canyon Coffee at Centre Point offers a nice ambiance for people like me to surf via their free wi-fi service.While it is not as popular as Starbucks, the food and drinks weren’t too shabby. Their menu certainly looks inviting.

Pasta With Chicken Green Curry
Mexican Iced Coffee is the type of coffee pure gourmet coffee lover would love. With nutty soft taste, the drink is also refreshing from the cooling ice and Kahlua Syrup. It is said that Mexican iced coffee is an excellent drink, especially after dinner as it aids digestion.

This was …

By pass Seafood Restaurant,Phuket

It is located in a large roadside restaurant,it a tourist restaurant...

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Best Mango Sticky Rice in Patong,Phuket.

The mango sticky rice was not too overly sweet or too overly flooded with coconut milk, what sets it apart was the sprinkle of sesame. It added another layer of coconut milk to the already perfect dish.

The sticky rice was moist and chewy and didn’t clump together. And the rice was warm too..I’ve never tried mango sticky rice served this way before but it was good. The thai mangoes were all so sweet and juicy and there was a good rice mango ratio as well.

There was alot of good comment from all around the world that visit this shop and filled all the space of the shop wall,seems like everybody knows about this sticky mango shop...hehe

Business hours starts at 12pm till late evening. Do take note there's only limited plates of mango sticky rice to be served, come early.
It Just opposite TIGER INN in a small shoplot...

address: Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd,  Patong Beach, Phuket 83150,Thailand