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Ipoh Old Town White Coffee @ Jalan Tun Sambanthan , Ipoh

Ernest Zacharevic , the Lithuanian artist in Penang who has made quite a name for himself from his interesting wall murals in Penang , Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and even Singapore , has done it again . This time, he has left his mark in Ipoh. OLDTOWN White Coffee has teamed up with Ernest Zacharevic , a renowned Lithuanian artist to create the ‘Art of OLDTOWN’ as a celebration of the heritage and history shared between Ipoh , Old Town and OLDTOWN White Coffee. OLDTOWN is the leading white coffee manufacturer in Malaysia and in conjunction with this collaboration, Zacharevic will use his unique artistic creativity to paint 8 murals to celebrate Ipoh, Old Town, the birthplace of white coffee . The Old Town Kopitiam is located on Jalan Tun Sambanthan in Ipoh old town and near to Padang Ipoh . This Old Town Kopitiam is beautifully located inside a renovated pre-war shop house . Its exterior has been repainted while the internal is tastefully decorated with charming fixtures th

The Original Kluang Railcoffee , Kluang

Experience authentic Malaysia breakfast on those day , with hot cup of aromatic coffee and a delightful nasi lemak with sambal on the side , Kluang RailCoffee served with variety local flavours . Soak in the heritage and diverse that is unique to this exotic kopitiam . combining gastronomical creations with a social stimulation to gratify even the most discerning Malaysian . Located at the local railway station , Kluang Rail Coffee has been around since 1938 . It was a pit stop for travellers arriving in Kluang and the railway canteen is one of the town's famous landmark . Dishes on local menu sorts for over three generations . here serve kaya and butter toast bread , Soft boiled eggs , Iced Coffee , Roti Bakar , Roti Steam , Toasted Bun (white bread ), Toasted Bun (wholemeal bread) , Nasi Lemak , Kopi O + Roti Bun(mentega+kaya) , Kopi , Toast And Soft Boil Egg , Toast With Butter and , Mee Siam . A warm slice of toast is so simple yet so incredibly tasty . They made on

R&H Cafe , Muar

At muar , MUO people takes satay as their common daily breakfast . We have been greeted by the smell of satay when we step in the shop , At Muar satay serves as breakfast nothing to curious about when you are here . Most of the restaurants opened in the morning when we dizzy in the town of Muar for breakfast . The R&H Cafe is proud to be one of the cafes around that was graced by the Sultan of Johor , a fact that has been photographed , framed and placed the wall of the cafĂ© . The interior looked simple with tables and chairs , and there were many people eating and milling around inside . The place packed with happy people and how the tables were piled high with satay , mee rebus, tauhu goreng , drinks and other goodies . Assorted Local Kuih muih Satay Maharani chooses from Satay Ayam Dara and Satay Daging BTG Pinang . Lontong Champion  Meatball KG.Ku Mee Rebus Jawa Roti Terlajak Mandi Meehoon Penalty Tauhu Lentok Table full of foods , How

Restoran Muar Historia Rabbit , Muar

Did you go to Restaurant Rabbit Home yet ? It seems that the average resident of Muar knows the existence of a restaurant located in Muar , Johor . Famous for the history displayed in the restaurant . Concerned on the restaurant's Muar Historical Concept Restaurant or Museum , James Teo said , Muar Historia Rabbit Home is a must-referral site for outdoor visitors , especially historical fans . The interior decorations that are decorated with historical artifacts and also a mural-filled wall telling Muar district will make you wonder . You can know the story and history of Muar while your visit at Restoran Muar Historia Rabbit . Since this is Muar area , you can also enjoy a wide variety of ala-carte dishes and lunch dishes available . Among their signature dishes that are the preferred choice of customers are Muar Curry Laksa that you must try! And also a favorite dish such as Kampung DiRaja Fried Rice, and Guang Dong Kuey Tiew . Muar Curry Laksa , The ingredients in a