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New Boston Restaurant @ Klang

Found this well-known restaurant As Shop Lot at Jalan Kapar, Klang. My Fren brought us there for dinner. It's not far from Damnsara, only about 20 minutes drive (If Not Jam) .Located opposite KWSP, EON Bank and Kamdar. Same row as Wisma Lembaga Tabung Haji. it is worth travel all the way to Klang for their seafood. They have quite a number of signature dishes  like 'Sheung Tong' La La, Tapioca Noodle, Mantis Prawn et cetera.. New Boston Restaurant have been existence for many years.We Wait our Dish for Half hour to 1 hour for all our dish that we order been served on the fren said that if u come at 6PM to 9PM will be alot of ppl waitting for table and waited their dishes atleast for 2 hour.. Anyway, if you guys do not mind waiting one hour plus to two hours, then why not....The food here is nice... A lot of tables was inside the restaurant, along side the walking way and even opposite of the restaurant,and the price is rather cheap! In Cantonese,

Port Village Seafood,Port Klang

Restaurant Port Village, a restaurant located at Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang. Yes, what I can remember is the Klang seafood was good.What I can remember is the seafood was good & the place was always full.  A seafood restaurant that used to be our favorite spot for seafood,Restaurant was built on the far end of the pier with woods and stilts without much decorations. A restaurant with good service despite their crowds.   Mantis Shrimp Kung Po style================ Kam Heong Bamboo Clam Long wooden platform into Port Village Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant is actually built on wooden stilts overlooking the estuary, with a couple of fishing boats beside on it. The cool sea breeze is enough for us to sit back, enjoy our meal.. Fried Duck Egg Squid====================Steam Spicy Talapia 上汤啦啦 ( LaLa Soup) CHEAP! For the amount and quality of food, I consider it very cheap. Port Village Seafood Restaurant  LMS A 1

Maiu Japanese Buffet Restaurant

For RM 43.00++ you get to order sashimi, sushi, gohanmono, udon, ramen, hand roll, all the Japanese Food as much as you want!! Best is Ala Carte, means prepared on order!! Everything come fresh right after cooked or non-cooked... The restaurant is spacious and there is table to fit huge family group. Dimmed lighting and comfortable seats! Can be quite packed especially on weekends so do reserve in advance to secure yourself a table. Food arrives reasonably fast considering the amount of customers. I think this is a good place to satisfy your Japanese Food craving with affordable price and unlimited supply. you can only order from the menu they give. If you wanna order something aside from the menu, you need to pay for the food or drinks based on their normal price. Sashimi,Salmon,Shiro Maguro,Maguro -Kaki Tofu Fried                    -Maki Mono,Soft Shell Crab Kushi Yaki,Beef Negi A great place to visit es