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Smiling Buffalo Langkawi | Malaysia

The fun when on holiday is where we wake up in the morning with breakfast is served in front of our eyes. This rustic laid-back cafe Smiling Buffalo is located at Panji Panji boutique resort in Kuala Cenang, open from 8am to 6pm daily. The place combination of nature and peaceful won the My heart with its structure, flourishing tropical garden, relaxed vibe, and the best coffee in Langkawi. It’s a hidden gem, among the lush greeneries and serene and quiet environment. You can literally hear crickets singing and birds chirping with the occasional breeze on your face, and the smell of fresh air, soil and plants. For city dwellers, this is definitely a big love. They concept the place to Unique. Trying to keep it rustic With old traditional Malay houses. Visitors will find this a great spot to read a book while enjoying the music of the nature generated by the soft breeze that blows across the paddy field. Smiling Buffalo Cafe has a small menu that offers Western dishes with a Mal

Huggin Hippo Pantai Cenang, Langkawi | Malaysia

Located at the famous cenang beachfronts of langakawi, Huggin Hippo lays on the beach side under the coconut tree with sea breeze blowing from andaman Sea. While on holiday, we like to soak up as much of the seaside atmosphere as possible, even during meals, which is why we decided to come up with a list of Beachfront Restaurants. Each place has its own personality, interior design and a fun ambience, but they share two common features. the food is top notch and they offer unobstructed views of the ocean. Dining at Huggin Hippo in Langkawi can be awesome to wander off the beaten path will find our deliciously rewarded, here will be the hottest seafront tables that you really need to be when you are in Langkawi. The Retro Design is the unique of the restaurant, The atmosphere of the restaurant is also crucial to its success. building a unique custom dining environment complete with, dining chairs and stools, flooring and wall. If you want the perfect place for #OOTD

The Cliff Langkawi | Malaysia

When white sandy beach meets the clear blue water of the Andaman Sea, The Cliff dazzles the senses with its ingenious contemporary design, charming views and beautiful ambiance. Picturesque during the day, stunning at sunset, magnificent at night that Located at the end of Pantai Cenang on the west coast of Langkawi, this is the island’s best dining and drinking spot. Enjoying the scenery with favorite drink will giving you new experience while watching all sort activities happening in Pantai Cenang, the most popular tourist hotspot in Langkawi. This place also suitable for any kind of celebration, events and even private romantic dinner. At The Cliff Restaurant, they are innovating ways of enjoying awesome food, introducing accompanying wine enhance flavours and ways of preparing local delicacies in a fine balance between Malay and Western. The mocktails and fruit punches are drinkable at best. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages then you will be pleased to know that a

Naughty Nuri's "RIbs Master" Challenge | Malaysia

Naughty Nuri’s Malaysia is having their Ribs Master Challenge 2019. Beat the fastest time and win FREE ribs for one year and many more. Starting from 1st September till 30th November 2018 and the Challenge can be done on Four Naughty Nuri’s Outlet at : Sri Hartamas, Atria Shopping Gallery, Life Centre, KL and SS15 Courtyard. The Ribs Master Challenge is about who can eat the 1995 signature BBQ spare RIBS in the fastest time, Participants can test their eating speed skils by ordering the rib, a referee will time all participants and a leaderboard will list the top challengers. Go to any of Naughty Nuri's outlets Listed Above, do the challenge, beat the fastest time and become the RIBSMATER!. There can only be ONE ' Ribs Master' at the end of this oinksome challenge. Expect lots of juicy, delicious moments. Cheering and Laughter blend together when watching our beloved friends taking the challenge, The different of person expression Shown in everbody faces.