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Le Gardenz Cafe , Seri Kembangan

Le’ Gardenz was started their business from October 2014 , started as a container concept cafe with huge variety menu of food , from main dishes to desserts . The greenery concept and the relaxing ambience are meant to chillax .

New Concept of dining in a beautifully designed container by Le’ Gardenz that located at Seri Kembangan . Situated in an industrial area surrounded by factories , some parts of the restaurant were made up of containers which were installed with air conditioning .

There was side steel staircase for us to went up to the restaurant , while Entering we saw alot of Plants that feels like we are in a beautiful garden with greenery , The best Decoration for the Restaurant .

The dining area was spread out across several different sections and can Fit about a hundred guests . each serves a different theme and different feeling to it, all customized and furnished by own designer , The café serves both indoor and outdoor dining .

A London Pattern dining area , with a replica…

Yezi 椰子 , First Avenue

This Monkey year on 2016 , Our reunite and get together toss our prosperity with ‘Yee Sang’ Happens at Yezi 椰子 that located on Roof top at First Avenue Bandar Utama .

It was my first time enjoying premium steamboat With the stunning Eviroment and Services . 椰子 Ye Zi , which means coconut in Mandarin . Ye zi that located at roof top gave us a stunning city’s views . The restaurant features steamboat broth highlighting the natural sweetness and goodness of coconut and other signature steamboat items . The whole restaurant have high ceiling that decorated with hanging lighting . The space is huge and there are also private rooms available as well . Wood chairs intermixed with marbled table tops .

By looking on  the left View , you will saw KLCC and KL Tower - By looking on  the right View , you able to see the whole Petaling Jaya area View . When the day getting dark , the view looking out from restaurant is amazing with its warm gold orange light up from the city’s view .

During this chine…