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Le Gardenz Cafe , Seri Kembangan

Le’ Gardenz was started their business from October 2014 , started as a container concept cafe with huge variety menu of food , from main dishes to desserts . The greenery concept and the relaxing ambience are meant to chillax . New Concept of dining in a beautifully designed container by Le’ Gardenz that located at Seri Kembangan . Situated in an industrial area surrounded by factories , some parts of the restaurant were made up of containers which were installed with air conditioning . There was side steel staircase for us to went up to the restaurant , while Entering we saw alot of Plants that feels like we are in a beautiful garden with greenery , The best Decoration for the Restaurant . The dining area was spread out across several different sections and can Fit about a hundred guests . each serves a different theme and different feeling to it, all customized and furnished by own designer , The cafĂ© serves both indoor and outdoor dining

Ossoto Spa , Kuala Lumpur

Main Entrance Locker For the Male On a Lovely Thursday,I and my colleague visit Ossoto spa...  wHY WE choose thusday?? --just because of taking advantage of the Crowd in ossoto normal if going on saturday or sunday it's gonna be crowded of people and all the equipment need to, will be "SIEN"  Few day Before I come here,I read some blogs and it's says " no photography in this premise" and  bring my DSLR TO TRY MY LUCK TO GET THE BEST photo that wanna share to my blog reader but FAILED...keep the phone vibrate and flash off... All the photo that i took in this blog was " curi curi " ...hehe  Ala Carte Menu For Lunch We reach here sharp at 12 p.m From P.J To reach here,definitely need direction from GPS COZ it's was somewhere in those tall building... if familiar to DEWAN BAHASA THEN it is just opposite of it with red maroon painted building ,just drive slow to spot it... i didnt direct myself there by GPS..