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CRAZY Buy 1 Free 1 Deals with Seeties

Seeties is a mobile app company surprises their valued users by partnering with 5 shops in SS15 , Subang Jaya to give out more than 100 types of exclusive Buy 1 Free 1 deals . From 3 May 2016 to 31 May 2016 , Seeties users could redeem all these amazing deals with a simple 'swipe' feature . Bringing joy to everyone . Not only you could discover interesting places and hidden gems in your city you could also enjoy all kinds of affordable deals from your favourite shops .

Seeties has also introduced the personalized Deals Collection to spoil users with varieties. From Deals of The Day that features limited deals specially catered for foodie, cafe lover , dessert lover , coffee lover etc to daily updated deals . 55 participating shops consisting of Obanhmi , Taiyakie , Vanilla Crepe , Thyme Out , Big Hug Burger , Something Fishy , Flingstones , The HumblePie , Melt’On , Cor Blimer , Takumi etc are now offering irresistible deals! From soothing Monday blues by having freshly brewed …

UEFA 2 , IOI City Mall

Adidas UEFA Champions League Star Edition roadshow for UEFA Champions League Star Edition in IOI City Mall from 27th April till 2nd May 2016. There is be free items and games during the roadshow .

Adidas Body Care is collaboration with athletes from all around the world and offering body care products which have celebrating prestigious sports manifestations and glorified sports for over 30 years and created the latest edition for 2016 , Adidas joins the World football federation UEFA to present the first , exclusive edition UEFA Champions League Edition .

This cooperation celebrates the true spirit of football and each human as the winner . Composition of the perfume reflects enthusiasm , competitive spirit , stamina , strategy and strength by combining lemon , vanilla , patchouli , aromatic lavender and violet . The heart develops flavors of clary sage, green apple and cashmeran .

Venue: Lower Ground Centre Court at  IOI City Mall Date: 27th April till 2nd May 2016 Time: 10 am till 10pm

Hao Yun Lai 好运来 , Pandan Indah

-- Hao Yun Lai is located in Pandan Indah cheras district , They started the business half year from today . The easy found shop lot just beside the main of Jalan Perubatan 2 .

-- Hao Yun Lai terletak di Pandan Indah daerah cheras , Perniagaan ini telah buka selama setengah tahun . Kedainya memang senang dinampak yang terletak sebelah jalan besar Jalan Perubatan 2 .

-- 好运来的地点就在蕉賴区的班丹英达 , 他们开始创业了半年 . 好运来的店很容易发现得到就在Jalan Perubatan 2的大路边 .

-- Hao Yun Lai Offered china cuisine with special dishes in town that no where can be found , The shop may looks normal from the outside but you don't even know something that unexpected going on inside .

-- Hao Yun Lai Menawarkan hidangan istimewa masakan dari China yang tidak didapati di mana mana , Dari luar kedai memang nampak macam biasa tetapi anda tidak tahu sesuatu yang tidak boleh dijangka berlansung di dalam .

-- 好运来是提供特别不同的中国菜何况在别的地方是找不到的 , 本店的外表虽然看起来很普通但是您不懂一些意想不到好美味的食物藏里面 .

-- They also Hired two head chef with high experience on China foods…