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To The New Level To Cover Up

Excited to get a new TAT ....

I was upset the japanese koi fish that I get five years back was Ugly even it was covered 80% of the dragon that I get fifteen years ago . I understand cover up tattoo wont be perfect and I didn't blame on my TAT artist for the japanese koi fish . 

I was fed up been critic by friends and every time i look up on the mirror , I feel regret what I get on my left arm . When I put shirt on , there'S a part of TAT on my Elbow that looks like crab claw instead of tail japanese koi fish . 

Until today , I found a TAT that they name it "Blackwork Ink tattoo" , I was Impressed by looking those photo on internet and i'm sure this "BlackWORK Ink Tattoo" will cover up everything that ugly but I wont feel regret my arm become all black and will look much more better if how I design the mixed up with pattern that I choose .

"Blackwork Ink Tattoo" maybe not really famous in asia , mostly "Blackwork Ink Tattoo" Played by Uni…

Big Bowl Curry Noodle , Selayang

The Big Bowl Curry Noodle that famous and viral on social media now days , known as KL 巨無霸咖喱!!! 

A BLOG that i read that said they went for few time for this giant bowl curry noodle but fail to taste it on their first few time visit .
The Reason why they miss out because the noodle stall was operating just for 2-3 hour per day , in just short period of 2-3 hours the big bowl noodle will sold out and the restaurant will be crowded by dining in or take away customer . 

After I done with the research , we planned 2 day ealier to smack the big bowl curry noodle , I wake up damm early in the morning at 6.30 A.M and reached there at 7A.M from PJ . 

Guess wat , we are the first customer that arrive and waited for one hour for our curry noodle , While waiting we look at the stall time to time to make sure when they gonna serve us the big bowl curry noodle . meanwhile , the shop was started getting crowded and dozens of take away customer was surrounding the stall . The situation was getting more …

Langkawi , Malaysia

OH yEAH!! Langkawi Again!!!

Fully 4 day 3 Night In Langkawi instead of last year visit for 2 day 1 night at LangkawiPurposely went to One of the most beautiful island in the world Koh Lipe , Thailand .           

Koh Lipe , Thailandwas awesome island that worth to visit too.

I didn't have chances to explore the whole langkawi island last year , so i gonna re-visit and totally will explore all the attractive places and hidden gem of seafood .

Six of us that planned from last two month and finally the day has come with full of energy and enjoyed!

It's took us about one hour flight to touch down langkawi and there was bunch of car rental agents was waving at me for hire car rental from them before going out to the main entrance , as my friend said all the agent here will discuss the price of the day , so every counter that I Went to ask will give the same price for any vehicle that we hire . then we choose counter randomly to ask price and end with these lady because lazy to ask aroun…

Frame Thai , Seksyen 17 Petaling Jaya

One of the things I love about Thai food is definitely the street foods . variety of different dishes at just about any street corners, and standard of those dishes are usually rather good.

Frame Thai is actually a mini market that sells goods of Thai grocery products, including snacks, condiments, sauces, and even some fresh produce. However, the shop offers 20 different dishes to be consumed on the spot of taken away .

The small business located at the Happy Mansion flats in Section 17, Petaling Jaya was frequented by Thai restaurants who relied on it as a source for the essential ingredients needed to make authentic Thai dishes.

I'm desperate to get here long time ago and finally i have step in to this Frame Thai to try out the foods , my friends friend was asking me where to get a great lunch in hot weather yesterday then i bring them to try out this shop .

The shelves and their groceries like instant noodles, sauces and spices have been moved into a small room at one end. You can…

Mountek nGroove Snap 2 - Made In USA

Mountek nGroove Snap 2 Magnetic Car Mount for Smartphones and Mini Tablets
Universal - Firmly and safely mounts cell phones, GPS units, satellite radios, MP3 players, mini tablets and other high-tech devices, including iPhone 4/5/5C/5S, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S Series, Note, HTC, Motorola, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia .

Protect and display your mobile phone, GPS, tablet and other digital devices with a patented, adjustable magnetic mount that locks into CD slots and dashboard grooves for a firm, flexible hold and seamless “floating” appearance in cars, boats, planes or anywhere you need your device. Safety and beauty, combined .

The Mountek designed the blade is such that it does not go far enough into your CD slot to activate the CD player mechanism, so that means you can still have a CD in your player while the mount is installed.

Comes already assembled and ready to use with a strong, sturdy grip thanks to rubber-reinforced insertion blade. Super-tight but simple blade system involves …