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To The New Level To Cover Up

Excited to get a new TAT .... I was upset the japanese koi fish that I get five years back was Ugly even it was covered 80% of the dragon that I get fifteen years ago . I understand cover up tattoo wont be perfect and I didn't blame on my  TAT  artist for the japanese koi fish .  I was fed up been critic by friends and every time i look up on the mirror , I feel regret what I get on my left arm . When I put shirt on , there'S a part of TAT on my Elbow that looks like crab claw instead of tail japanese koi fish .  Until today , I found a TAT that they name it "Blackwork Ink tattoo" , I was Impressed by looking those photo on internet and i'm sure this "BlackWORK Ink Tattoo" will cover up everything that ugly but I wont feel regret my arm become all black and will look much more better if how I design the mixed up with pattern that I choose . "Blackwork Ink Tattoo" maybe not really famous in asia , mostly  "Blackwork Ink Tattoo&qu

Big Bowl Curry Noodle , Selayang

The Big Bowl Curry Noodle that famous and viral on social media now days , known as KL 巨無霸咖喱 !!!  A BLOG that i read that said they went for few time for this giant bowl curry noodle but fail to taste it on their first few time visit . The Reason why they miss out because the noodle stall was operating just for 2-3 hour per day , in just short period of 2-3 hours the big bowl noodle will sold out and the restaurant will be crowded by dining in or take away customer .  After I done with the research , we planned 2 day ealier to smack the big bowl curry noodle , I wake up damm early in the morning at 6.30 A.M and reached there at 7A.M from PJ .  Guess wat , we are the first customer that arrive and waited for one hour for our curry noodle , While waiting we look at the stall time to time to make sure when they gonna serve us the big bowl curry noodle . meanwhile , the shop was started getting crowded and dozens of take away customer was surrounding th

Eddy's Kitchen - Coffee Ice Cubes

My favorite being the start of iced coffee season .  It’s a refreshing way to start the day and a cool afternoon pick me up,If you’re like me, a coffee drinker, then you’re familiar with how quickly melted ice can ruin an otherwise blissful cup of iced coffee. And if you’re not familiar with this problem, count yourself lucky because there’s nothing worse than going in for a big sip only to find that your once cold brew is a distant , replaced with coffee flavored water. Yuck! I find that even when I brew extra strong iced coffee I don’t like the way regular ice cubes water my drink down. Coffee is used to make the ice cubes instead of water, so the drink never becomes watered down. The cubes slowly melt in the warm milk, releasing the coffee as you sip. If you are determined to kick the coffee shop habit and make your own iced coffee at home, flavored the way you like it, strong and heady and above all cold, I'm here to help. Here is how you make the best iced coffee you've