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♥♥♥♥ (Special ALT Symbols And Characters)

Do you need to type some kind of special symbols like  © ® ™ ♥ ♬ ✔  X etc on Microsoft word, excel or Facebook status updates? but you don't have any visual key on your keyboard to type this kind of symbols! no problem, after finishing this article you should have the key to make or write those and lots of symbols.

yes I'm talking about the Alt key of your keyboard. it can make about a thousand types of computer symbols. you just need to press Alt and then any key from your keyboard numpad. each time you press Alt+ any key a new symbols will appear.

Some Examples:
Alt+0169= © , Alt+0174= ® , Alt+0153= ™ , Alt+0188= ¼ , Alt=0189= ½ , Alt+175= »

Enjoy When you have nothing to do...haha


To protect our earth, for today, and for a better tomorrow. This activity provides the opportunity for the participants to experience the effort of civil cleaners in helping to maintain the cleanliness of our city and know the importance of keeping our city clean. We encourage the participants to bring along their family members as it is a very good educational experience for them especially the younger ones.

Earth Warrior Mass Street Clean Up @ Pandamaran Klang activity is a public cleaning project organized by the committee members of Earth Warriors Project from Great Heart Charity Association, to improve the cleanliness of the surrounding area of Pandamaran’s 4th district. Our committee members are fully responsible for the entire project planning, whilst the City Council of Pandamaran would assist in providing most of the cleaning equipment as well as other resources. Volunteers are required to help out to clean up the streets selected for the activity.

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Keep Calm and Vape On

Vape means "to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device; while both the device and the action can also be known as a vape."

It was coined in the late 1980s when companies like RJR Nabisco were experimenting with the first “smokeless” cigarettes. But, after years of languishing, the word is back, needed to distinguish a growing new habit from old-fashioned smoking. According to Oxford’s calculations, usage of vape, which as a noun can refer to an e-cigarette or similar device, more than doubled between 2013 and 2014.

"I’d rather people vaped indoors than smoked outside"
many smokers have started vaping e-cigarettes to help them cut down there’s concern that young people may take up vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking

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Sailor's Rest , Janda Baik

Sailor's Rest is one of the resort in Janda Baik from Turning in to Genting Sempah from karak highway , Just right the border of Selangor and Pahang .  

Beside Sailor's Rest , there was alot alot of chalet , resorts , tent camping and bungalow that we saw along the Janda Baik .

Been organize and plan by a bunch of friend to this beauty of nature rain forest and waterfall Tent camping for two day one night .

The house is just next to the river and the boathouse was built in a manmade lake . The view is superb and the air is fresh . 
Oh Yea , When we reach Sailor's Rest 3pm , We were being greet by the owner of the resort MR.Hashim , We do tents arrange for all of us and MR.Hashim do a short briefing regarding about the tent .
" No smoking , eating and drink sweet tuff in the tent " because it could damage the tent .
" No smoking in the bathroom and take off ur shoe/scandal then wear on toilet slipper that provided .

Put down our bag in the tent that numbered and Hav…