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Restoran Kauboi , Langkawi

Grill sambal Squid Name macam "Wild Wild West", the restaurant serve a fusion of chinese and thai  cuisine , This is supposed to be one of the best seafood restaurants in town . Restaurant Kauboi is just one of many seafood restaurants along the waterfront in town .  There are Thai style seafood restaurants, Malay seafood restaurants, and Chinese seafood restaurants, but many of the last don’t serve pork anyway. We decided on  Restaurant Kauboi  coz we’re never eaten there before and a lot of people talks about it so we checked it out. Here you can eat the freshest seafood for an excellent price. Waiters are very kind and help tourists to choose from the extensive menu . This was highly recommended by the locals and did not disappoint. Definitely a must try in Langkawi。 Had a great dinner and the food was like wow.. My tummy was so full when I came out of the shop and also I was happy to eat a good food like it.. Go ahead and try it out.. The bill costs R

Fish Farm Restaurant , Langkawi

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant is a tranquil seafood eatery located just a few minutes’ drive from the bustling Kuah town centre. Surrounded by a vast garden area, diners can enjoy their meal in a peaceful bay . Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant allows diners to choose live seafood such as mantis prawns, lobsters, and crabs which are kept in large aquariums.  The indoor dining section is spacious and beautifully decorated with pirate ship replicas and fishermen lanterns hanging from the ceiling while the sea deck outside is an open-air dining space with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea. Nice setting clean and spacious and the Staff attentive and generally spoke very good English . All food portions was big in good value too . A dinner night out for 6 people was enjoy a nice meal with beach breeze, the food is amazingly done and prepared .

Lunch At The Fish Farm at Kilim Geoforest Park , Langkawi

Live Seafood from fish farm as Our Lunch They specialize in seafood and prepare the dishes in Malay or Thai style. You will get items prepared from freshly caught seafood including prawn, crabs, red snappers, groupers, lobsters, sea bass and even squids.  Coming to food... If you are taking a standard lunch as part of the Kilim Geopark Tour package, They serve fried rice, fried chicken, salad and chilled pineapple juice in big glass jars. Other than the juice, the quantity is fixed for the meal and may not be adequate for all. We found it okay though . If you take Ala Carta, then you actually get to taste the real food here . Try the mango salad, it's great. Other than fresh fruit juices and cold drinks, they also serve beer and wine here.

Ka Kee Lang Seafood Restaurant , Langkawi

Sweet & Sour Siakap Steam Fish If you're a Hokkien , You will understand what "Ka Kee Lang " stand for , if you don't then let me explain . The sentence of " Ka Kee Lang " means " We are in the same gang / one of us (自己人) "  Along Persiaran Mutiara 2 , Pusat Perdagangan Kelana Mas , there few famous seafood restaurant that everyone knows was awesome and reasonable price . Since this was our first time at  " Ka Kee Lang "  Seafood Restaurant , we asked the waitress who attended to us for recommendations. These were her suggestions based on what she said were the most popular dishes at  " Ka Kee Lang "  Seafood Restaurant . Kong Pou Mantis Prawn Ho Jian Omelet  Hot Plate Beancurd Belacan Squid KangKung Salted Egg Squid Their food is actually good and they also have a handful of signature dishes worth trying . Total Bill RM 156 , For 10 Person!!! For me like , are you serious??  Is this Real ,