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La La Chong , Ara Damansara

Chinese New Year(Horse Year)2014 - I went for a lou sang dinner with my Frens before CNY 年初二十五 , before everyone goes back to hometown, we went to the nearest Restaurant which located at Ara Damnsara.

This my second time "lou sang" in (horse year)

-This Was Our damage for 5 Person :(

Happy Chinese New Year To All Blog Readers!!!
ong ong lai in whole year of Horse Year....
Huat ar!!!

Pangkor Village , Taman Megah

Chinese New Year(Horse Year)2014 is coming and I shall post this post up now because I don't want to post it after Chinese New Year as if the mood goes off just like that.Lou sang is a must during Chinese New Year celebration. It also commonly known as"yee sang","yuu shang' or 'yu sheng",

I went for a lou sang dinner with my Frens before CNY 年初二十九 , before everyone goes back to hometown, we went to the nearest Restaurant which located at Taman Megah. this was our second time that we "lou sang" together in this gang that started last year and wont be miss on coming CNY IN THE FUTURE...otherwise nothing wrong happens in the gangs on each other la...coz missing some members this year comparing last years...some misunderstanding nia....

Okay,not going to talk to much here...haha
After Finish the"lou sang"section,let me show you all some Portion And foods :

After Our meal,We sat down talk AND make some laughter,we talk about individually holi…

Eddy's Kitchen - Spiced Buttermilk (Indian Moru)

Back when I was small, the traditional platter of food,I used to love this as a kid and continue to do so.Sometimes we have certain things that kindles our memories, that too when it is related food it is even more interesting.

One of the best thirst quencher for summer. After you come back from outside the scorching heat this is one drink which gives you good relief to beat the heat.

the spiced and salted version is  known as smabharam, mix with Coriander leaves,curry leaves and green chilies, it is served as an accompaniment for lunch to help the body digest hot and spicy food.

It is just 4 or 5 simple ingredients from the fridge that makes the magic.You can also consume lots and lots of it when you are dieting. It makes you feel full, Instead of making it spicy you can just add salt,But I personally prefer the spicy version which with all the different flavors truly tickles your tongue.

Ingredients :

-Curd/Yogurt - 1/2 cup
-Water - 1 cups
-Coriander leaves
-Curry Leaves
-Green Chilly - 3 pi…

Yuen Buffet Steamboat , Kelana Jaya

The All New Of Yuen Buffet steamboat was Located At zenith corporate park,Kelana Jaya(Near Behind Paradigm Mall),and they closed down they shop at sunway mentari and fully moved into here.....

they haven't have the proper signboard yet while hanging a banner to notice the customer.... 

Yuen Steamboat boasts a wide range of fresh seafood, vegetables, fish balls and meat selection that makes it a popular choice for buffet goers. The crabs and prawns are big and ample and many eaters often go for those to quickly earn their money back.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat 8G , bLOCK A (SAME ROW WIT COSWAY AND 99 SPEEDMART) Zenith Corporate Park(Near Behind Paradigm Mall) Jaln SS7/26 Kelana Jaya , 47301Petaling Jaya , Selangor  GPS Coordinates:3.104922,101.592366 Operating Hour:Daily From 5p.m - 12.00a.m Contact:012-2998463/016-2086678

Adult - RM29.50
Children - 131cm-150cm RM15.00
Children - 96cm-130cm RM8.00

The Good Batch , Damansara Uptown

What comes to your mind when you're asked of a good place to hangout with awesome food and coffee? I think The Good Batch truly suffices to be most people's favourite hangout place. The Good Batch is a nice addition to the brunch scene.
I love the simple menu that doesn’t spoil you for with too many choices.....Along the same row are also Wondermilk and Fat Spoon, in case you were wondering where exactly it's located.

Norwegian:two poached eggs on bread with smoked salmon, capsicum & onion topped with their house lemon Hollandaise sauce....

New Yorker:Version of hotdog with a twist, topped with corned beef, completed with a mix of their homemade sauces, served with a side of chips. Hotdog was just normal, corned beef was the same as those served in Hangover Mess, the chips were good and in overall, this dish wasn't a bad try.

We ordered The Good Iced Tea and a hot Earl Grey

Definitely the interior and the place looks fabulous,it is cosy but the concept was awesome,had b…