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Eddy's Kitchen - Spiced Buttermilk (Indian Moru)

Back when I was small, the traditional platter of food,I used to love this as a kid and continue to do so.Sometimes we have certain things that kindles our memories, that too when it is related food it is even more interesting.   One of the best thirst quencher for summer. After you come back from outside the scorching heat this is one drink which gives you good relief to beat the heat. the spiced and salted version is  known as smabharam, mix with Coriander leaves, curry leaves and green chilies, it is served as an accompaniment for lunch to help the body digest hot and spicy food. It is just 4 or 5 simple ingredients from the fridge that makes the magic.You can also consume lots and lots of it when you are dieting. It makes you feel full, Instead of making it spicy you can just add salt,But I personally prefer the spicy version which with all the different flavors truly tickles your tongue. Ingredients : -Curd/Yogurt - 1/2 cup -Water - 1 cups -Coriander leaves

Yuen Buffet Steamboat , Kelana Jaya

The All New Of Yuen Buffet steamboat was Located At zenith corporate park,Kelana Jaya(Near Behind Paradigm Mall),and they closed down they shop at sunway mentari and fully moved into here..... they haven't have the proper signboard yet while hanging a banner to notice the customer....  New And clean environment 2 IN 1 Tom yam soup and normal soup Still early that why still empty Yuen Steamboat boasts a wide range of fresh seafood, vegetables, fish balls and meat selection that makes it a popular choice for buffet goers. The crabs and prawns are big and ample and many eaters often go for those to quickly earn their money back. Few selection of fruit & desert been kept in display fridge for the freshness and keep cool  famous honey chicken wings. The chicken wings is coated in sticky black sauce and caramelised with honey. Still new here so nonit to fight for Chicken wings...hehehe Fried rice, Mihun, Chicken rendang Yuen Buffet Steam