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Emerald Brilliant X Miss Chipao Malaysia

-- Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam Boutique has a long history in Cheongsam making with more than 40 years of business experience since 1973 . It specialized in making exquisite oriental clothing , nightgowns , Chinese fashion , suits , elegant Malay fashion and all kind of Uniform .Read more at here.....

-- 鑫碧旗袍精品店在旗袍生产历史从1973年以来也超过40年的经历 . 鑫碧是专业在东方服装 , 晚装 , 中国的时尚 , 西装 , 精美马来时尚和各种制服 . 更多详情.......

-- Emerald Brilliant was collaborate with Miss Chipao Malaysia since 2011 and Emerald Brilliant is the main wardrobe Sponsor For miss Chipao Malaysia , Emerald Brilliant provides beautiful tailored cheongsam to Miss chipao and knowns for its craftsmanship and giving full attention to detail .

-- 鑫碧旗袍从二〇一一年和马来西亚旗袍小姐合作 , 鑫碧旗袍是马来西亚旗袍小姐的主力赞助商 . 鑫碧提供了马来西亚旗袍小姐量身定制的精美旗袍并所周知他们的制作工艺和对细节的关注在现成的再量身定制的 . 

-- Miss Chipao Malaysia 2016 will be collaborate with the Koong Woh Tong Ambassador Search 2016 and Koong Woh Tong Sponsorship for this year total prize of more than RM 50,000 . Event organizer, Jason Hee is e…

ezbuy online shopping

-- ezbuy is created to provide professional online shopping services that established in 2010 by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs , ezbuy become Singapore’s first and largest overseas shopping platform in short while . ezbuy Or 65daigou been recommended by News channel , entertainment media and also in Social Media . ezbuy provide shopping service from China , Taiwan , USA for more than 500,000 Singaporeans , 50,000 Malaysians , Australians and Thailands  . ezbuy Trying their best to provide excellence service while keep focusing  more on local demands . ezbuy would like to transport anything or everything to everyone that their serve . Nowadays not like those days , Technology makes life easier , service brings more comforts and dedicated to provide better service , ultimately , ezbuy hope everyone can create better lifestyle , simple and convenient .

-- ezbuy dicipta untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan membeli-belah dalam talian secara profesional yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 2010 oleh sek…

BMS Organics , Puchong Jaya

-- BMS Organics Malaysia has opened their New BMS Organics Outlet at Bandar Puchong Jaya and Enjoy Opening Specials , Great Deals on organic food items and many more . BMS Organics is an organic food retail outlet and vegetarian cafe .

-- BMS Organics Malaysia telah membuka cawangan baru BMS Organics mereka di Bandar Puchong Jaya dan Nikmati harga istimewaan sempena membuka , Tawaran hebat pada barangan makanan organik dan banyak lagi . BMS Organics merupakan cawangan makanan organik dan kafe vegetarian .

-- BMS Organics Malaysia在蒲种开了他们的BMS Organics新分行和享受特价,有机食品还有更多超值优惠。 BMS有机物是一种有机食品零售店和素食咖啡馆。

-- Puchong jaya branch was opened on 16th July , brings more convenient for healthy lovers in Puchong area with full range of healthy foods available . BMS Organics puchong jaya branch offered convenient mini market for products and also a fusion cafe that located on the 1st floor . Even the foods that serve in the cafe was cooked without Chemical MSG , Chemical preservatives and Artificial colori…

Jobstore Magazine

On the first day on work , I was given various tasks and introductions by the range of departments in the office , from this department to another department and the another department . introducing them one by one , Honestly I can't really remember everyone on that day . On the following weeks I started slowly to know everybody names and realize that the work task not really suitable for me and learning slow But I'm trying to be strong that won't easily give up on trying to learn more for getting experience in workforce . Guess what ? , I was still working in this Company Till today for six years . day by day i'm increasing my experience and started to love my job by taking full responsibility on my career . Any or every workplace sure will have Stress stuff that you facing but depends how you handle it . For me , those stress stuff I will take it as a challenging task to complete it and I won't take my stress face back to home instead bringing back home with a sm…

Pulau Rawa , Johor

-- Rawa Island located at Mersing District , Johor . It is popular with worlwide tourists to enjoy the white sand beaches , snorkelling and scuba diving . Rawa is a relatively small island. There are no proper roads, only a few walkways. One side of the island is a beach covered with white sand, while the other side has a rocky vertical cliff .

-- Pulau Rawa terletak di Daerah Mersing , Johor . Ia adalah popular dengan pelancong sedunia yang menikmati pasir pantai putih , snorkelling dan menyelam skuba . Rawa adalah sebuah pulau kecil . Tiada jalan untuk kereta atau motor , hanya ada laluan jalan kaki sahaja . Sebelah pulau adalah pantai pasir putih , dan di sebelah yang lain mempunyai tebing berbatu .

-- 拉哇岛位置在柔佛的Mersing 地区 , 这里流行全世界的游客到来主要是享受白色沙滩 , 浮潜和潜水 . 拉哇是一个较小的岛屿 . 没有车的道路 , 只有少数走道 . 岛的一边是覆盖着白沙海滩而另一边岩石的垂直悬崖 .

-- Exciting day has come , I will become hyperactive when going for holidays , I Estimated total toilet break and breakfast break needed six hours in total so we move From Peta…