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Yuen Kee Loh Mee , ULU Yam Lama

源记驰名卤面@Ulu Yam To those who loves a bowl of Loh Mee, Ulu Yam is the place in mind. For those who has never heard about Ulu Yam, it is sort of a half way point between KL and Fraser Hill, within Batang Kali. After We pay a visit at Guan Yin Ge-Ampang Pecah / 觀音閣-老古毛, then we head to Ulu Yam Lama for loh mee as our lunch...the weather was terrible hot  At First we thought of going opposite this shop(Yellow sighboard,got a  word"ho jiak") that same selling loh mee but full house till need to stand for place to sit...haiz... Heard my friend said that they have something special "Fried clam" and "fried chee chong fun",what can do,so i decide to pay a visit next time lo... "Loh Mee" "kou yok mee" fish cake – the bouncy texture of the fish cake is good but the crust is slightly coarser and rougher. "Shang xia mee" This was not worth at all,Rm78 for this dish...3 big head prawn been divide by 2 Big Head

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Tropicana City

After Our mOVIES,we was walking around in tropicana city for dinner and we found this Japanese BBQ Restaurant that quite intresting for us... Gyu-Kaku is a popular Yakiniku Chain that has setup its first outlet in Malaysia. Gyu-Kaku offers different cuts of Beef, Lamb, Seafood and some small Cooked Dishes and Salads. a popular Japanese BBQ chain – Tropicana offers diners a sizzling good experience minus the smoke, I was intrigued. Each table comes with a smokeless roaster and down-draft system, so the smoke from the grill is sucked into the underground duct.  Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant serves halal-certified dishes and the menu includes a fine selection of wagyu beef, seafood, poultry and lamb. The quality of the meats served were pretty good and I enjoyed Gyu-Kaku's Meat Marinades which were different from their Korean Counterparts  Preparing the grill Warm Horenso Salad Chicken Thigh Wagyu Karubi (Wagyu Oyster Blade) Lamb Neck Marinate

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge , SS2, PJ

Perfect dinner with Fresh Frog  chilli,after done G-Dragon One Of A Kind World Tour Remake @ TGV One Utama.... Geylang is famous for a couple of things. In terms of food, Frog Porridge is one of the popular food around Singapore that is greatly enjoyed by locals and tourists. So it isn’t surprising that this food managed to venture into ours and others countries.they have chained restaurants in Indonesia, China and Taiwan...The one that at SS2 was located in the same row as Island cafe.  The interior is very clean, with an open kitchen where you could view your pots of porridge being prepare.The marble table are use here and the combination of air-conditioning room and marble table really can make the whole restaurant become so cold.The price may a bit high, but the portion is quite big.  The signature dish here of course is their FAT and Fresh farm frog. They have 3 type of cooking; Spring Onions (Keung Chung), Dry Chili (Kong Poh) or cooked with the porridge.  The Wh

Tong Sui Kai 糖水街 , Ipoh's Dessert Street

Going back to Ipoh to spend my holidays does lead me a walk down memory lane. I recall my schooling days, when I used to spend my time to have a refreshing cup of drink or a bowl of shaved ice.... Named as Tong Sui Kai (Tang Shui Jie ) due to its popularity of desserts, this row of hawker stalls is also pretty well known among Those the locals and tourists for its hawker food too. Looking for a parking spot at Dessert Street was never easy I would say. It took us quite a while to finally settle for dinner right in front of a random dessert stall, only to realize limited choices of food were available along the street. Fried noodles of any kinds, noodles served with soup, fried rice, snacks, and et cetera, are of which I could easily get them of better taste with the similar price in Kuala Lumpur. The Most Expensive Rojak I Had do you believe that this plate of rojak cost me RM 10,i was forget to take picture of the stall... I know it is Chinese New Year but the price is