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Nam Heong White Coffee (南香) , Ipoh

This Chinese coffee shop is the original home of the famous "Ipoh White Coffee," Also serves egg tarts, fried rice noodles and other local eats, if you feel hesitate which coffee shop to choose, it is the best decision for you to drop by here and have a cup of the original old town white coffee. Nam Heong coffee shop has passed to the fourth generation and now, they establish a company to promote their white coffee to the public. The famous brand – Old Town White Coffee is their product..

Many celebrities had been to this place,The coffeeshop is rather humble and seats are limited (either there or it’s too crowded) so be prepared to share tables...

It also has stalls that serve char kueh teow, egg tarts and other pastries and noodles. Customers come not just for the coffee but also the food.Of course now there are 1001 different brand figuratively speaking. Its dynamicism is not limited to trading but the children ventured into the Kopitiam franchise business. It has gone to t…

Yuen Kee Loh Mee , ULU Yam Lama

源记驰名卤面@Ulu Yam
To those who loves a bowl of Loh Mee, Ulu Yam is the place in mind. For those who has never heard about Ulu Yam, it is sort of a half way point between KL and Fraser Hill, within Batang Kali.

After We pay a visit at
Guan Yin Ge-Ampang Pecah / 觀音閣-老古毛,
then we head to Ulu Yam Lama for loh mee as our lunch...the weather was terrible hot 
At First we thought of going opposite this shop(Yellow sighboard,got a  word"ho jiak") that same selling loh mee but full house till need to stand for place to sit...haiz...
Heard my friend said that they have something special "Fried clam" and "fried chee chong fun",what can do,so i decide to pay a visit next time lo...

The restaurant is situated deep inside Ulu Yam Lama and if you’re not familiar with the area, I hope you’ve got a GPS unit. The place was pack with lunch crowd and waited for 1/2 hour before our dishes the thick and noodle springy. Fish cake was fresh and good..

Restoran Kim Hoe金河茶餐室, Pulau Ketam

On 21st of February which was a cloudy Friday, we went to Pulau Ketam for seafood purpose!
For whether you are looking for a short or even a budget trip nearby over the weekend with friends.....

We step in to this shop for a try from a friend recomended...
The first place most visitors head is to one of its seafood restaurants. We chose Restaurant Kim Hoe, about a ten-minute walk from the jetty....

Ginger Stir Bamboo Clam
The bamboo Clam was big, succulent and juicy. However...

Saitoo Fish Ball Soup
The saitoo fish ball is one of the famous dine in KIM HOE. The saitoo fish ball is bouncy and the taste is simply magnificent delighting. The fish ball soup was just simply.

Salted Egg Crab
Here come the 1.8kg non-fresh crab,i think or i thought they gonna serve us with fresh and juicy crab,but it comes worst coz the crab meat is stick on the crab shell and will feel no mood to eat after u crawing for the meat that not easily come out..ZZzzzzz

Egg Stir Ginger Prawn
this was nice to eat....egg steam u…

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Tropicana City

After Our mOVIES,we was walking around in tropicana city for dinner and we found this Japanese BBQ Restaurant that quite intresting for us...
Gyu-Kaku is a popular Yakiniku Chain that has setup its first outlet in Malaysia. Gyu-Kaku offers different cuts of Beef, Lamb, Seafood and some small Cooked Dishes and Salads.
a popular Japanese BBQ chain – Tropicana offers diners a sizzling good experience minus the smoke, I was intrigued. Each table comes with a smokeless roaster and down-draft system, so the smoke from the grill is sucked into the underground duct. 
Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant serves halal-certified dishes and the menu includes a fine selection of wagyu beef, seafood, poultry and lamb.
The quality of the meats served were pretty good and I enjoyed Gyu-Kaku's Meat Marinades which were different from their Korean Counterparts 


Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge , SS2, PJ

Perfect dinner with Fresh Frog chilli,after done G-Dragon One Of A Kind World Tour Remake @ TGV One Utama....

Geylang is famous for a couple of things. In terms of food, Frog Porridge is one of the popular food around Singapore that is greatly enjoyed by locals and tourists. So it isn’t surprising that this food managed to venture into ours and others countries.they have chained restaurants in Indonesia, China and Taiwan...The one that at SS2 was located in the same row as Island cafe. 

The interior is very clean, with an open kitchen where you could view your pots of porridge being prepare.The marble table are use here and the combination of air-conditioning room and marble table really can make the whole restaurant become so cold.The price may a bit high, but the portion is quite big. 

The signature dish here of course is their FAT and Fresh farm frog. They have 3 type of cooking; Spring Onions (Keung Chung), Dry Chili (Kong Poh) or cooked with the porridge. 

The White Porridge 白粥 itsel…

Restoran R Cheng Fei Zhou Yu Wantan Mee (亚菁非洲鱼云吞面) , Rawang

I Went to this place Alone when i'm on the way back to my hometown ipoh during Chinese New Year 2014,you guys can come here using the old road to rawang to ipoh ,gonna have a big turn if using Plus highway to this place....

My plan was to arrive at this wantan mee place for lunch,this shop was Tucked deep in a housing estate in Rawang (Jalan LKS 5), with many signages leading to this place.

The serving comes in a large platter with a fair sized Tilapia fish that has been sliced in half together with some Wantan noodles. To go with the dish there is a wide choice of gravy, from simple garlic to dark soy gravy, etc.

The dish is good but not exceptional, but there are other good food to savor here - read on to find out.

The menu with pictures, but kinda tiny pictures
Jing Zhen - Golden Slice Garlic Sauce
Jiang Zheng - Steamed with slice Ginger
"You Hua" - Oil and smooth
"Jia Li" - Curry
"Gan Jian" - deep fried

Since they specialize in tilapia fish with wantan nood…