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Lian Thong Restaurant , Taiping

The most well-known breakfast In Taiping By locals favourite and a must try breath taking breakfast for outsider like us that serve traditional Hainanese style toast and nice coffee . Located around the town of Taiping along Jalan Kota on the corner shop lot and easy to be spotted , While we arrive the shop it was full house and No table for us to seat but luckily they have a big space like VIP area at the behind area of the shop with big table that enough for seven of us to be seated , feels like a private dining area . The auntie that makes the teas .  The locals  favourite   half boiled Egg and Toast bread for breakfast . Fried Jawa Mee This is something Special in Lian Thong Restaurant , Bomb Mee!! It's Look like "Kong Fu chaw Yee Mee' Lam Koay Teow " Wat tan ho "  Hailam Wan Tan Mee Normal Fried Koay Teow Fried Taufu Pok Tomyam Cintan Mee Garlic Koay Teow A shop lot with an attractive façade but do re

Yee Seng Seafood Restaurant , Taiping

Restoran Makanan Laut Yee Seng - Matang That Located Near Kuala Sepetang Offered the cheapest seafood in the area . Yee Seng is Well known by Visitors and Locals to have their dinner . Same as us as a traveler , I done some research and has found out that yee seng was famous in social network and been share some review from bloggers that dine at here . Signboard can be seen easily by the road side , opposite with Restoran Light House Seafood and Lemon Tree Seafood Restaurant . large variety of fresh Seafoods and fresh vegetables to be choose , at yee seng their only sell seafoods , beside chicken and pork are not available . We came abit early at 7pm, that why it was empty and only us in the restaurant but the crowd is started to gain and full seated after 7.30pm . Thorn Conch Shell Japanese Bean curd Deep Fried Nile Perch With special Sauce Four Kind Of Vegetable spicy stir Garlic fried Prawn Clam Soup( New Boston is still th

Fook Seng Restaurant , Slim River

Slim River is a small town in Perak . It is about 100km from Kuala Lumpur and It is situated in the southern part of Perak , Slim River is the second biggest town in Tanjung Malim district . The town is surrounded by many small villages . Slim River can be reached using the expressway (PLUS – North-South Highway) or using the Old road from Selagor , Fook Seng Restaurant located just one kilometer after turn in from the Slim River Tol and really easy to spot from the road side , Fook Seng Serve Chinese cuisine ‘Tai Chow’, their famous signature dish is Ikan Tapah and the bullfrogs stir-fried . We ordered few other famous Since the  Ikan Tapah was sold out . Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish Recipe (咸鱼花腩煲) , Too salty!! Seng Kong Taufu(申江豆腐饭) Salted Baked Chicken(盐焗鸡) 'Nam Yu' stir Yau Mak -Red Beancurd (南乳油麥菜) Grouper Claypot (煲仔石斑鱼) Restoran Fook Seng 17 Jalan Mahsuri, Taman Aman 35800 Slim River Perak Malaysia Tel No : 605-4528698

Kedai Kopi Kong Heng, Ipoh

when I'm was back to Ipoh , I will drive to those few popular places for the awesome Ipoh food and one of it is the Kedai Kopi Kong Heng at the old street town of Ipoh in Bandar Timah . Alot Of them come from accross state to Ipoh for their famous hor fun , chee cheong fun , white coffee and sells all the great foods in under one roof . it is located next to one of the famous Restoran Thean Chun , all this shop has been around since the 60s and still serves great local food till today . Kong Heng is so famous among of the locals and tourists . Getting a table here is not easy and pack when Each time we visit . Chee Cheong Fun - Curry Chee Cheong Fun with pickles and sweet sauce . the local Ipoh style of Chee Cheong Fun , slightly different from the central region . Sotong Kangkung - The perfect combination of gravy , fresh kangkung and fine soft sotong makes me crawling for the second plate . Caramel egg custard dessert "Brûlée" - This soft yellow c