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Master Food , Siem Reap

Grill Pork rice was common in siem reap , You can spot This dish at food vendors around siem reap , this dish come with steam rice and grill pork on top and thai chillie sauce cillie with a bowl of soup . The rice was kinda stiff because this how cambodian serve their white rice and just looks like overnight rice . the Restaurant environment look like our "mamak" in malaysia with steel tables and chairs . The side sauce was similar with thailand with blended chili , chilie flake , green soak chili , soy sauce , fish oil sauce , chili sauce and sugar , after few days in Siem Reap i realize there was a jar of sugar that prepared on the dining table at every restaurant , just wondering cambodian will use it on food or drink and still wondering after we back homeland . Youtiao as known as Chinese doughnut "yau ja gwai" , every table served with a plate of "Youtiao" , here the "Youtiao" was not fresh fried out from the crock

Art Center Night Market , Siem Reap

Siem Reap Art Center (SAC) recently opening in 2011, Siem Reap Art Center's become one of the'must' night shopping destinations for shoppers. Found in the famouse areas Old Market (Psar Chas) and pub street, the place is always busy and chaotic with all club, restaurants, boutique, gallery, souvenir shop and lots of foreign tourists . This market in Siem Reap's notorious nightlife places is often the first and easiest stop for many tourists just arriving to Siem Reap, Angkor, even as high level of accommodations surrounding mid-to-upper-end hotels in Siem Reap. Siem Reap Art Center Market offer high and variety of the quality and prices of products and items sold are about as real and trustworthy as you can find here in Siem Reap. The market seem to complement each other well, but remember not to be fooled by first impressions and bargain harder. How to Get There: Eastern part of Old Market (Psar Chas) along the riverside, and after fi

Hansa BBQ Buffet , Siem Reap

Have you been to any bbq buffet joints in Cambodia? If you haven’t then I suggest you visit Hansa BBQ Buffet along Wat Bo Road. The BBQ buffet only cost USD $5 per person not including drinks and there’s a wide choices of ingredients for the BBQ. There have chicken, pork, beef, squid, shrimps, tofu, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweeds, noodles and other processed foods like chicken balls and squid balls too . There are also cooked food like fried rice, stir fried noodles, vegetables with beef, salad, fresh, fried spring rolls and much more . They also have a small dessert bar where you could try some fresh fruits and some black jelly with some sweet sauce (Cendol). For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is basically a do-it-yourself grill joint where you grill anything that you want. You essentially cook your meat on a grill over a charcoal stove. The grill also has a moat for your soup. You make the broth on your own, so it can be as salty/spicy/sweet as y