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Sango Japanese Restaurant , Crystal Crown Hotel - Petaling Jaya

Sango Japanese Restaurant which is nicely hidden amidst the hustle and bustle that located on the 2nd floor of the Crystal Crown Hotel in Petaling Jaya . Same as all those fine dining Restaurant that once you order from the menu and the chefs will head on and start preparing your orders on the spot . Their main specialty here is their Yakitori menu . All Yakitori here will be seasoned with sea salt and pepper .
For delightful Japanese fare , pay a visit to this stylish restaurant . The clever combination of wood and dark lacquer finish gives this restaurant a modern yet traditional look . Quaint Japanese screens and calligraphy add a nice touch to the interior . Separate rooms are available for those who prefer absolute privacy . The menu features just about everything you can imagine--sushi , yakitori , tempura , udon and much more . it offers a good choice of set menus ideal for a quick meal . This is a relaxing place to have a quick and reasonably priced meal in a pleasant surroun…

Amaimono Cafe , Kepong

The sweet cafe mainly promote a variety of Japanese street food that located at kepong , wide variety of food to choose include ice cream Bun , Japanese noodles , Japanese rice , and varied desserts and snacks . Of course not only ice creams , Featuring extra large cups of cold green tea or black tea , hot cappuccino and other espresso drinks , cheesecake, mousse cakes , puddings and other desserts . It is a Japanese street food-based cafes , whether it is dessert or interior decoration gives a sweet and romantic feeling .
Wanted to release some Stress ? Come here to taste the dessert and definitely the best way to eliminate your stress , there are a lot of very cute emoji small pillow laying on the chair In the Store . More than ten flavors of ice cream to choose . The owner have traveled all over Japan , have meet with few artisan producers of traditional ingredients and decide to open his own Shop . By localizing the Japanese deserts , ice-cream , pastries & some local finger …

Bangkok House , TTDI

Bangkok House has managed to capture the essence of Thai cuisine , which is known for its extreme flavours from tongue scorching spiciness to simple yet decadently sweet desserts . Born in Bangkok and of Malaysian-Thai descent , Sarah Hassan works behind the scenes as head chef while sister Farah Hassan is the public relations manager . “These recipes come from Bangkok so we’re working together to serve authentic Thai cuisine with a family-oriented dining experience,” said Farah .
Bangkok House Thai Restaurant located at a populated area of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is , that served authentic Thai cuisine for more than a decade in their previous restaurant in the city area . Bangkok House opened officially in January in 2015 at TTDI and has been serving affordable Thai dishes to many . The restaurant is set in a white ambiance to give the restaurant a modern and elegant environment . Bangkok House is a halal restaurant , was founded by a Malaysian couple , back in early 2000's . Bangk…