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Amaimono Cafe , Kepong

The sweet cafe mainly promote a variety of Japanese street food that located at kepong , wide variety of food to choose include ice cream Bun , Japanese noodles , Japanese rice , and varied desserts and snacks . Of course not only ice creams , Featuring extra large cups of cold green tea or black tea , hot cappuccino and other espresso drinks , cheesecake, mousse cakes , puddings and other desserts . It is a Japanese street food-based cafes , whether it is dessert or interior decoration gives a sweet and romantic feeling . Wanted to release some Stress ? Come here to taste the dessert and definitely the best way to eliminate your stress , there are a lot of very cute emoji small pillow laying on the chair In the Store . More than ten flavors of ice cream to choose . The owner have traveled all over Japan , have meet with few artisan producers of traditional ingredients and decide to open his own Shop . By localizing the Japanese deserts , ice-cream , pastries & some local f

36 Hours Sky Avenue Food Trail , Genting - Malaysia - [ PT 2 ]

The Food Trail Continue with Part 2 36 Hours Sky Avenue Food Trail , Genting - Malaysia - [ PT 1 ] 15. 云海, Yun Hai Wanhoi YAMCH'A is a restaurant inspired by the renowned Oversea Group. Here at Wanhoi YAMCH'A, providing people with modern Malaysian Cantonese cuisine and also a place to meet . BBQ Pork Steamed Bun , Salted Egg Yolk Steamed Bun are so cute . 16. BMS Organics “Being a vegetarian is to be healthy” is undoubtedly true. Unfortunately, some vegetarian foods in the market contain MSG, GMO ingredients, preservatives, pesticides, and most of them are prepared with deep frying method. When we consume such vegetarian dishes, unknowingly we have also consumed the hazardous elements . BMS Organics Vegetarian Café delivers natural and organic foods that are not only impress palates of different age groups but helping them to start loving healthy vegetarian cuisines . 17. GO Noodle House 有間麵館 The Bowl of Go Noodle House is really delicious . The portio