Big Bowl Curry Noodle , Selayang

The Big Bowl Curry Noodle that famous and viral on social media now days , known as KL 巨無霸咖喱!!! 

A BLOG that i read that said they went for few time for this giant bowl curry noodle but fail to taste it on their first few time visit .
The Reason why they miss out because the noodle stall was operating just for 2-3 hour per day , in just short period of 2-3 hours the big bowl noodle will sold out and the restaurant will be crowded by dining in or take away customer . 

After I done with the research , we planned 2 day ealier to smack the big bowl curry noodle , I wake up damm early in the morning at 6.30 A.M and reached there at 7A.M from PJ . 

Guess wat , we are the first customer that arrive and waited for one hour for our curry noodle , While waiting we look at the stall time to time to make sure when they gonna serve us the big bowl curry noodle . meanwhile , the shop was started getting crowded and dozens of take away customer was surrounding the stall . The situation was getting more crowded pass every 15 minute . what I saw is their are lack of manpower that makes everything go to slow , only mother and son in operation . more manpower needed to serve fast to their customer and luckily the young man still remember that we are the first customer that comes early and serve us by first bowl when he started his business on that morning .

The restaurant was located at shop lot area behind of selayang hospital . easy to find and located , I will provide the google map at the bottom after finish reading my Blog .

A young man that manage the stall along his mother started to cook the curry soup and preparing others stuff at 6.30A.M to start operating the business from 7.30 A.M , I had a short chat with the young man while he preparing the stuff , he said that this business was last long for 12 years till now , Everyday busy non-stop , can't take a break for a big breath at all . 

After few words with him , I walk away back to my table because dowan kacau him on his work .  

Here comes our BIG BOWL CURRY NOODLES , this how we smack it!!

Normal (Small):【RM 5.50】
Normal  (Big) :【RM 6.50】
Add On (Small):【RM 8.00】
Add On  (Big) :【RM 9.00】

Normal Portion : Longbean(豆角) , Tofu Puff(豆腐卜) , Sprouts(芽菜) , Blood clams(血蛤) , Chicken Curry(咖喱鸡) , bean curd sheet roll(腐粥)

Add OnFried wan tan(炸云吞) , Char siu(叉烧) , Siu Yuk(烧肉) , Longbean(豆角) , Tofu Puff(豆腐卜) , Sprouts(芽菜) , Blood clams(血蛤) , Chicken Curry(咖喱鸡) , bean curd sheet roll(腐粥) , Pork Paste(三间庄的猪肉片)

Still remaining alot in the bowl even thou I had feed alot in my more thing is the noodle was nice but the service is poor . 

restoran coca sea food restaurant 29 Jalan Bidara 1 Selangor, 
Taman Bidara, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
(Offday) Wednesday and Thursday on the first week of the month


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