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Chung Kee "Dai Shue Geok",忠记兵如港口大树头炸料粉,ipoh

In Ipoh, there are lots of good food around, but then everyone is asking me what else to eat in Ipoh? It was a food paradise in IPOH,you can even finish all the food in 2 day.... This is the famous Chung Kee "Dai Shu Geok" in Ipoh. Dai Shu Geok meaning Big Tree Foot. The name is given because Chung Kee is originally located below a very big tree, so Ipoh people call the place Big Tree Foot rather than Chung Kee. It's well known, any Ipoh people will be able to point the direction. When I arrived, I saw that some of the trays were empty, but soon after I found a seat and made my way over again, they had been briskly refilled with hot, fresh ones. Alright, here is the typical set-up of the Chung Kee stalls. They pre-prepare all the food, and put them up the tray in their respective type, and you take what you fancy. It's much more organise now comparing to old times, so all good. Once you make your choice, then t

Yau Kee Restaurant 游记正宗面包鸡酒楼 @ Kampar,Ipoh

After we Visit Kellie's Castle,we directly go for lunch at YAU KEE RESTAURANT specifically the famous bread chicken More often heard many famous delicious, and finally have a chance to eat it. There are two flavours - herbs bread chicken and chicken curry bread------ slice cut the bread to see the hidden chicken curry,it was a great matching combinations In particular bus travel will definitely patronize this trip.Yau Kee Restaurant at the town centre along Jalan Idris is a favourite stop for many travellers who want to try the famous chicken wrapped with bread. The chicken cooked with curry is wrapped inside the bread. If you are not able to take spicy food, settle for the equally tasty herbal chicken bread. This restaurant also serves the typical Chinese dishes. Occasionally there are tour groups that come here to enjoy this specialty during lunch and dinner time. This restaurant also make salt baked chicken which you can p

Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken 'Yim Kok Kai' 宴琼林盐焗鸡,Ipoh

nowadays, the number of shops selling this Ipoh’s specialty are on the rise, but one brand manages to stand out among the crowd, and it’s no surprise Aun Kheng Lim had stood the test of time for an impressive 21 years If you happened to drop by Ipoh for Lou Wong bean sprout chicken rice, you can walk over to another street for the Aun Kheng Lim salted chicken. You can only take away since they don't have dine in service. Aun Kheng Lim has somehow set a standard for other proprietors of salted chicken outlets. But still manages to stood the test of time, judging by its popularity, and rapidly sold-off chickens especially on weekends and public holidays. Thus, booking in advance may help considerably here. It is wrapped up in a few layers of parchment paper and then baked in salt. So, the outcome is a herbal infused and salty fragrant chicken. Each chicken cost RM17. The portion is just enough for 2 to serve with steamed rice. A whole chicken that they u

Fei Bo Snow Beer肥波雪花啤酒,Ipoh

Fei Bo Snow Beer (肥波雪花啤),a place for you to eat and drink with friends. they have many branches in Ipoh.. beer also become a popular drinks during the festive season. I'm back from KL and been invited by Hometown friend to have a drink at the "Fei Bo Snow Beer Cafe" (肥波雪花啤酒 )on night time after dinner.... It is called "Snow Beer" because the beer will be served in the frost beer mugs and creates some snowflakes effect for beer drinkers and  "Fei Bo " serves some Chinese cuisine and snacks too. 8 , Jalan Medan Ipoh 3, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh 31400 , Ipoh Perak Businse Hour : 6pm -2am ( everyday ) Email : Phone : 014- 3033600 or 05-  545 4430

Funny Mountain Soybean & Tau Fu Fah,Ipoh

This is probably one of the most famous tau fu fah (soybean pudding) stalls in Ipoh Town. Probably it’s due to its quirky, unique name or perhaps it’s due to its undisputed silky smooth texture..... they no longer occupied the old tiny shoplot anymore. Instead, they have shifted to a bigger, cleaner shop recently and it is right beside their former shop lot. They still have the same service; walk-in or drive thru. And their price increase another RM0.10 when move to their new outlet. RM1.00 for a small bowl of tau fu fa,they are considered cheap, but the portion could be slightly small.The Soya Bean & Tau Fu Fah is so smooth and they didn’t use any power to make it more “tahan”. If you plan to tar bau, eat it soonest or best if have it on the spot! Not forgetting cars queuing along the road for a “drive-through” service. Drink ‘n Go. It’s something special that you would not find anywhere else!~ Business starts everyday from 10.30am in the morning, while

Hometown Steamboat,Kota Damansara

Hometown Steamboat is one of the famous steamboat in KD. Its located near Sunway Giza, in Kota Damansara, where a lot of pubs, clubs, and dessert shops are located. Home Town Steamboat Restaurant is the only steamboat restaurant that provide most types of soups. These includes clear soup, Tom Yam soup, Hong Kong style clear soup with preserved egg & parsley, porridge in claypot with pumpkin and many more. So there are such a wide varieties of soups you can choose The set for three but slice pork,fish ball and pork ball was side order,it didnt come wit the set.... We had selected 2 soups: clear soup (清汤) and tom yam soup(冬炎), The soups are superb! This signature Tom Yam soup is highly recommended Signature pork slices – RM7.90 Their a la carte menu is reasonably priced and food is fresh,Instead of serving only one standard steamboat set, there are a few other sets you could choose from and each of them come with different ingredients and pricing. It was c