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18th Street Stewed Seafood Rice Restaurant , Puchong

This was Our first Visit to this Restaurant,The birthday girl books table for us to celebrate with her.....something special in here....Worth to visit.

This Was delicious Stir Vegetables....

Stewed Mix Seafood Soup


Here comes the birthday girl...the girl names Karen From Sibu , Kuching......haha
She arrange the dinner for all of us to meet up....
i'm kinda feel useless bcoz what they called me "Super organizer"but I didn't organizer for her...wuahahaha

18th Street Stewed Seafood Rice Restaurant

Mee Wah restaurant , Bidor

While On The Way Back to Ipoh From KL,I Gonna stop by at Bidor For This Mee Wah Wan ton mee... i Missed this shop Last time bcoz their was closed when i was there.... huhu
And the finally i can a have try here and it was my first visit anyway
i reach here during lunch hour and was full of people , its was been recommended by my friend...I'M always was A solo food hunter

Wonder no more as shrimps the size of a thumb wrapped in silky smooth dumpling skin is a regular feature at the Bidor Mee Wah Restaurant in Bidor , Stall owner Loke Mei Ying said filling the wantan with whole shrimp instead of chopped or ground shrimps helped to give it a crunchy texture.
“It allows one to taste the tenderness of the shrimp while relishing its natural texture,”
Loke, 42, who has been selling wantan noodles at the town for about 30 years now, said the whole shrimp wantans was well-received by her customers.
While Loke spends much attention on creating the special wantans, she does not neglect the quality …

Grandma Traditional Curry Laksa Mee , Ayer Itam , Penang

During Our visit to the Kek Lok Zi at Ayer Itam perhaps you won't wanted to miss the delicious Asam Laksa when sold beside the Market, but there is another more interesting story happening everyday

Two Granma who are more than 70's years old still running their Curry Mee business beside the bridge further up at the Ayer Itam Market Street.. The store is just right in front of a Church entrance, the place is always crowded with many visitors and customers after many reporters, TV, Blog and others media were here to interview them.

You might realize that there is not proper store for them operate their store daily, they only rely on the ground and small stools to cook and to serve their customers.....
They quite friendly and always do according to their customers request... 
For me,their curry mee is not the best, but somehow how they operate and the story behind which more attractive to me.After you order they will slowly cook and serve it to you, but you have to stand there to wai…

88 Food Court , Alor Setar

Otak Otak - The Taste was special added some kind of herb leaf Makes The Otak Otak more oHMMM...

Kuey Yeow Theng - Come With fishball and slice chicken , taste was really delicious...

Alor Setar Claypot Chicken Rice - About This Claypot rice , can tell you honestly , it's was horrible or maybe Tak BIASA their taste...maybe their own alor setar mouth taste...